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At Queen Lila's castle, the Nintendos were getting ready for the countdown for the new year. Ali Rose and Alex held each others hands with noise makers on one of each hand.
"Okay, guys. Get ready," Lila said. So everyone counted down.
"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!" everyone yelled and made lots of noise. Ali Rose and Alex kissed each other. After the racket was over, Kazooie went out on Amy's bedroom balcony. She sat on the bench until Banjo came.
"Kazooie, I need to ask you something," Banjo said.
"Really? What is it?" Kazooie said to her partner. The brown haired twenty year old human got on his knees and took out a tiny box from his pocket.
"Kazooie, will you marry me?" Banjo asked. Kazooie was amazed to this ring. It had her birthstone, the sapphire. Kazooie was so amazed she couldn't speak.
"Banjo..." Kazooie said finally. "Yes! Yes I will marry you!" They hugged each other, happily. So Banjo and Kazooie went to the castle to tell everyone about their marriage.
"It has to happen after our wedding," Alex said, holding Ali Rose's stomach behind her. Banjo agreed because he made the plan for everything. Banjo's little sister, Tooty, is Kazooie's maid of honor and Jigglypuff, Shammy and Camilla are Kazooie's bride maids. And Jack Skellington is Banjo's best man. The wedding will be at Jolly Rodger's Lagoon. Ali Rose loved the plans and knew she and Alex would be invited. So everyone got the plans ready the past few months since they had all plans for Ali Rose and Alex's wedding.

A month later, Ali Rose got ready for her wedding. She wore a white and blue highlighted wedding dress. Her mother, curled her beautiful brown hair and put nice glitter in her hair.
"Oh, my big princess, you look so pretty," Hinrin said. "You look like me during me and your father's wedding. I wish your father was here, too."
"Yeah. I wish Luna and Sol were here, too," Ali Rose said. Cat Valentine gave Ali Rose some red roses. Ali Rose got the roses and went to the ceremony.

With Alex, he was putting on his wedding suit. It was red with white highlights, which was his father's wedding suit. Then Pink Yoshi and Green Yoshi came in.
"Hey, Alex. You doing okay?" Pink Yoshi asked.
"Yeah. Just a little nervous. But I'm sure everything will go perfect," Alex said.
"Of course, Alex. Ali Rose loves you," Green Yoshi said. Finally Alex was ready and went to the Foleanna Castle, where the ceremony was held.

Everyone was in their seats: All of Ali Rose and Alex's friends and family. Jack and Sally sat in front of the ceremony stage. Josephine, Janessa, and Samantha were next to their parents. Alex came up with his Aunt Moni and two sisters, Hailey and Ellen. Then Alex came up the steps to wait Ali Rose. Finally, the music started and Ali Rose came up with Hinrin and her younger sister, Miranda. Ali Rose came up as the minister, Anne, got ready.
"Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today to bring these two fairies together in holy matrimony," Anne said. Finally it was time for the rings and the vows. Alex went first.
"Princess Alida Rose Seema, you've been the girl I've been asking for. I want you as my wife, my queen. This ring shall be a symbol to my love for you," Alex said and slid the ring on Ali Rose's ring finger. Ali Rose was next.
"Prince Alex the Third, you've been the boy I've been asking for. I want you as my husband, my king. This ring shall be a symbol to my love for you," Ali Rose said and slid the ring on Alex's ring finger. Then came the best part of the ceremony.
"Prince Alex the Third, do you take Princess Ali Rose to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health, for rich or for poor for as long as you shall live?" Anne asked.
"I do," Alex said.
"And, Princess Alida Rose Seema, do you take Prince Alex to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health, for rich or for poor as long as you shall live?" Anne asked.
"I do," Ali Rose said.
"I now pronounce you husband and wife, the King and Queen of Foleanna and Fairy Land. You may kiss the bride," Anne said. And Ali Rose and Alex kissed passionately. Then came the wedding party with cake and other great sweets. Popular music from Nintendo City was playing. Music by Pearl Jam, Evanescence, System of a Down and Korn played. After the wedding was over, Ali Rose and Alex went to the castle to plan for the honeymoon. Everyone wished the couple to have a wonderful life together.
Here's the first chapter for the Future of Nintendo City.
Banjo (Who can be both human and animal) proposed to Kazooie (Who also had the power). The Nintendos decided to let the couple marry after Ali Rose and Alex's wedding. At the wedding, everyone went through everything for the ceremony and party. But will everything go right at Banjo and Kazooie's wedding? Find out soon.
Note: The bands listed were rock bands I like. When I was little I used to hate Korn because Jonathan Davis' voice sounded haunting to me. But not anymore. My favorite songs include "Y'all Want a Single", "Freak on a Leash", Twisted Transister", and "Coming Undone".
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