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Bumper Bubbles by LilacPhoenix

This is the best picture I found of Elise and Sonic's friends together. My dream is to see a Sonic game like this. I love the first Mar...



Spyro the Dragon: Jack Skellington
Cynder the Dragon:  Sally the Rag Doll
Ignitus: The Mayor
Volteer: Dr. Finkelstein
Elliot, Wendy and Sharp (Three Spyro fan characters): Lock, Shock and Barrel
Crash Bandicoot: Santa Claus
Malefor the Dragon: Oogie Boogie
The Chronicler: The Narrator
Other Video Game Characters: The Citizens of Halloween Town

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Spyro Style)

The Chronicler: 'Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems in a place that perhaps you have seen in your dreams. For the story that you are about to be told took place in the holiday worlds. Now you have already wondered where holidays come from. If you haven't, I'd say it's time you begun.
TNBC (Spyro Style) Prologue
Here's the prologue to the Nightmare Before Christmas (Spyro Style). In the fanfiction version, I had a friend's Sonic fan character, Spencer Franklin Ricardo, be Santa Claus. But I decided that Crash Bandicoot should appear so he took the role of Santa Claus instead. The second chapter might come either after my birthday or after Christmas when I get my replacement computer.
Emilie: Man, either this ring is shrinking or my finger is getting bigger.
Elise: Well, either way, you can still keep it since it was a eighteenth birthday present from your grandma before she died last year. So you must keep it.
Ali Rose: Yeah. Without it, you'll miss your grandma a lot more than right now.
Alisha: Ali Rose is right. That's why she keeps her favorite necklace because it was a present from her dead father.
Jamie: Yep. And I have my mother's favorite ring and my father's favorite opal ring mom gave him.
Sonic: Hm...I wonder where Selena and Christopher are.
Elise: Yeah. They should be here by now.
Spyro: Oh, here they come now.
Christopher (singing): She comes home like a stone but you don't know where from she was thrown like a burning meteor from my own side.
Selena (joins in): But looking for a place to land, she said "have you got some sand?" Then whatever you reply, she took as yes.
Yoshi: Ooh, that's a cool song you're singing, you two.
Birdo: Yeah. What is that song?
Selena: Oh, it was a song called "Lightning Bolt".
Emilie: Wow. My favorite Pearl Jam song. Wait a second. I have an idea, you guys. How about we make our own concert in this room since we can't go to a real one.
Jamie: Hey! That is a good idea. I love to sing.
Ali Rose: Me, too. How about we invite our friends to join us.
Jacob: Yeah, let's do it.
Alex: I agree. This is going to be fun.
Elise: Couldn't agree more, Alex.
Later that day
Mario: Hm...I wonder what Emilie wants.
Luigi: Me, too. I bet it's something awesome.
Emilie: Guys, I have an announcement. How would you all like to audition your favorite songs? Because we're going to. Make our very own concert.
Rouge: A concert? That's an awesome idea, Emilie.
Shadow: Yeah. Rouge and I love to sing.
August: So do Regina and I.
Regina: Yeah.
Selena: I know one song Christopher and I can do.
Cynder: What's that, Selena?
Christopher: The song, "Sirens", by Pearl Jam.
Ember: Pearl Jam?
Rouge: You mean THE Pearl Jam?
Sonic: One of the best rock bands of the nineties besides Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Christopher: The one and only.
Cynder: Wow, it sure would be fun to hear that song.
Amy: What about you and Spyro, Cynder? Will there be a song for you two love dragons to do together?
Cynder: Um...maybe. Spyro and I will have to discuss.
Elise: Well, go ahead. We all insist you do it.
Cynder: Thank you. (In her thoughts) I can't sing, my voice is too high. I better go practice.
Spyro: Where are you going, Cynder? Wait for me.
Emilie: Wow, Daisy, good choice. I heard that song on YouTube once.
Luigi: Has a catchy tune to it.
Daisy: That's why I chose that song.
Emilie: Is that everyone?
Donkey Kong: Well, not everyone.
Amanda: Spyro and Cynder haven't chosen a song.
Dani: Where can they be?
Ember: Maybe they're still thinking of a song to sing. But they can't think this long. Come on, girls, let's go check on Spyro and Cynder.
Sally: Good idea, Ember. Craig, you take Emilie's place while we find the love dragons.
Craig: OK, Sally. Will do.
Shadow: Hm...whatever song Spyro and Cynder pick, I can't wait to hear it.
Keesha: Me either, Shadow.
Back with Spyro and Cynder
Spyro: Come on, Cynder, you have to perform for our friends.
Cynder: I can't, Spyro. My voice is too high. I'm the opposite of how you felt in Mariofan96's video, One Dragon Goes One Direction.
Emilie: So that's why you two won't come.
Cynder: AH! Oh, it's you guys. You overheard me, didn't you?
Amy: Yes, with Emilie's sensitive hearing.
Elise: Yeah. Anyway, we'll help you. And Spyro can, too.
Cynder: OK. We still have to think of a song to sing.
Sonic: GIRLS! It's an emergency!
Elise: What is it, boyfriend?
Sonic: It's Selena. Come on!
Ali Rose: Oh no. That's not good.
Back with the boys
Sonic: OK, Selena, they're coming.
Selena: (Tries to sing)
Shadow: Don't sing, Selena, you'll get worse.
Spyro: Selena, what happened? Are you OK?
Christopher: She can't sing or speak. She lost her voice right in the middle of the song.
Emilie: What? That's terrible. The concert is today. What do we do?
Rouge: Maybe someone can take her and Christopher's place and Christopher can go solo.
Christopher: Good idea. But which couple will take Selena and Chrstopher's place?
Sonic: Elise and I can't. We are performing separately.
Craig: So are me and Amanda.
Jack: Which leaves Spyro and Cynder. Do you think you two can perform?
Cynder: I don't know, guys. I have a high voice.
Camilla: Come on, Cynder, we'll help. I'm sure you'll get to where you want to be if you practice hard.
Clyde: That's what Emilie did and now she is a great singer.
Cynder: You're right. Let's get started on the auditions.
Emilie: OK, Rouge. Let's hear you sing.
Rouge: OK, cue the music. (Music starts as Rouge begins to sing) Don't cry to me. If you loved me, you would be here with me. You want me, come find me. Make up your mind. Should I let you fall? Lose it all? So maybe you can remember yourself. Can't keep believing. We're only deceiving ourselves and I'm sick of the lie. And you're too late. Don't cry to me. If you loved me, you would be here with me. You want me, come find me. Make up your mind. (Stops singing)
Emilie: That was amazing, Rouge.
Amy: Yeah, you have a great voice like Emilie does.
Rouge: Thank you. I agree.
Emilie: OK, Sparx and Sindy. Let's hear you two sing.
Sparx: Alright, are you ready, Sindy?
Sindy: As I'll ever be. Let's do this.
Sparx: You are the hole in my head. I am the pain in your neck. You are the lump in my throat. I am the aching in your heart. We are tangled, we are stolen. We are...
Sparx and Sindy: Living with things I had.
Sindy: You are something in my eye. I am the shiver down your spine. You are the bump in my legs. I am on the tip of your tongue.
Sparx and Sindy: We are tangled, we are stolen. We are going off to the next insane. We are luck, we are fate. We are the feeling you get in the golden state. We are love. We are hate. We are the feeling I get when you walk away. Oh, walk away.
Spyro: Ooh, that was a good one, you two.
Sparx: Thanks, Spyro.
Emilie: OK, Spyro and Cynder, you two are next.
Rouge: Remember, Cynder, you're doing this for Selena and you can't let her down.
Cynder: OK. Come on, Spyro, let's get started.
Spyro: OK. (Clears throat with Cynder as the music begins) Hear the sirens.
Cynder (mumbling): Hear the sirens.
Spyro: Hear the sirens. Hear the circus so profound.
Cynder (still mumbling): I hear the sirens, more and more in this...
Emilie: STOP THE MUSIC! Cynder, what the heck is going on? We can barely hear you.
Cynder: I can't do this. Spyro, you'll have to go solo. I'll just be in the audience.
Spyro: Please, my love. We better go talk to her. Craig, you take Emilie's place again.
Craig: Can do, Spyro. Anything for a close friend. Alright, let's hear you sing, Shadow.
Shadow: OK, I present to you "All Hail Shadow".
Shali Rose: Thank goodness I stayed here. Otherwise I would miss this.
Shadow: (Clears throat as the song starts) All hail Shadow. Heroes rise again. Obliterating everything that's not your friend. Nothing can stop you now. No ghosts to bring you down. When there's nothing left to lose, you win.
With Spyro and Cynder
Spyro: Come on, Cynder, you have to do this for Selena.
Cynder: I can't. I already told you, my voice is too high.
Emilie: There you are, Cynder. Why couldn't you sing the song?
Cynder: I told you, my voice is too high to sound like Selena.
Peach: Wait. Sound like Selena? Cynder, you're being silly. We don't want you to sound like Selena.
Spyro: We just want you to sing the song for Selena because she can't sing right now.
Daisy: Yeah, we know you can't imitate Selena.
Cynder: Really? Well in that case, I'm going back. I have to sing for our dear, sick friend, Selena.
Amy: You must.
Sally: You must.
Sing right now: "Show How I Sing" by Mariofan96 but with different lyrics
Cynder: Selena's throat is in bad shape.
Jamie: She tried to sing a slow song but...
Peach: Lost her voice. Oh my, we can barely hear her.
Cynder: But come on guys, let's go back to my friends and show how I'm supposed to sing.
Daisy: Oh yeah.
Cynder: Oh yeah, we're going to do this tonight.
Amy: You're gonna do it tonight.
Ali Rose: Tonight you're gonna make Selena proud.
Cynder: Oh yeah, tonight's the night. I'm gonna make Selena proud.
Rouge and Camilla: Come on, guys, let's go back.
Sally, Amy, Keesha and Birdo: Let's go back.
Cynder: Let's go back to my friends and show them how I sing.
Keesha: Silly Cynder, you don't have to sound like Selena.
Cynder: I know. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.
Jamie: It's OK. We'll all our friends that it was a...
Cynder: Misunderstanding. Misunderstanding. Misunder-stand-ing.
(Repeats chorus)
Sally: You must never give up.
Jamie: You must believe in us.
Cynder: I do, I do. Oh, yes, I do. I'm gonna make Selena proud. She will want to say... (Floats in the air) Hallejua.
(Repeats chorus)
Cynder: Come on, guys, let's go back to our friends and show them how I sing. Oh yeah, we're gonna do this tonight.
Jamie: Alright, guys, come on let's go.
Camilla: Come on let's go.
Cynder: Let's go back and tell our friends I misunderstood.
Spyro: Come on, let's get back to our friends.
Elise: Back to our friends.
Cynder: Back to our friends and show them how I'm supposed to sing.
Jamie: How you're supposed to sing.
Ali Rose: Sing.
Elise: Oh yeah.
Birdo: Oh yeah.
End of Song
Elise: Come on, guys. Let's go.
Rouge: Right.
Back at the auditions
Shali Rose: Welcome to the nightmare in my head. Say hello to something scary. The monster in your bed. Just give in and you won't be sorry. Welcome to my evil side. Hello, it's Mz. Hyde. Hello, It's Mz. Hyde.
Sonic: Well, that song fits someone like you, Shali Rose.
Shali Rose: Thank you, Sonic. I thought so, too. Ooh, here come Spyro, Cynder and the girls.
Cynder: Hi, guys. I'm back.
Yoshi: Oh, Cynder, I knew you would come to your senses.
Cynder: Well, you see, guys, there was a big misunderstanding. I thought I had to sound like Selena to sing the song.
Sonic: (Laughs) Oh, Cynder, we don't want that.
Mario: We just wanted you to sing for Selena. Right, Selena?
Selena: (Nods her head)
Cynder: OK, guys, let's continue. It's almost time for the concert.
Later that night
Emilie: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first and hopefully not last concert in our bedroom.
Cynder: OH YEAH!
Emilie: OK, who wants to go first? Ah, go ahead, Daisy.
Daisy: OK, got to take off my shoes first. OK, I'm ready. (Begins the song)
"How We do It Now" by Mariofan96
Daisy: Bum bum bum bum. This is how you do it now. Bum bum bum bum bum. Wanna dance like crazy? I will show you how. Jump up and down. Slide from side to side. Stand on your head. Stand on one leg at a time. Now get on your back and spin like crazy. Bum bum bum bum. This is how you do it now. Bum bum bum bum bum. Oh yeah, it's time for my special trick. Here I go! Whoo! Bum bum bum bum. This is how you do it now. Bum bum bum bum bum. On you head, one leg at a time. Now you're dancing like crazy now. Bum bum bum bum. And that is how you do it now.
Emilie: Good one, Daisy. Was as good as the original.
Daisy: Thank you, Em.
Emilie: OK. Who wants to next.
Keesha: Ooh, ooh. I want to go next.
Emilie: OK, go ahead.
"Looking for You" from the Super Mario World TV show
Keesha: First you're here and then you're not. You never seem to stay in one spot. I'm looking, looking yeah looking for you.
"Hot Cakes" by Gas Huffer sung by Mario and Luigi
Mario: Talking about them hot cakes and you know what I mean.
Luigi: Talking about them hot cakes.
"His World" by Crush 40 sung by Ali Rose
Ali Rose: In this world. Where life is strong. In this world. Life's an open book. In this world. Where compromise does not exist. In this world of worlds, every step meets the rest.
"Live and Learn" by Chush 40 sung by Sonic
Sonic: Live and learn, hanging on the edge of tomorrow. Live and learn, from the words of yesterday. Live and learn, whether you beg or borrow. Live and learn, you may never find your way.
"I'm Blue" by Eiffel 65 sung by Yoshi and Birdo
Yoshi and Birdo: I'm blue. Da ba dee da ba die. Da ba dee da ba die.
"Sally's Song (Oogie's Revenge version)" by Chris Sarandon and Kath Soucie sing by Jack and Sally
"Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence sung by Elise
"Golden State (John Doe cover)" by Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker sung by Sparx and Sindy
"All Hail Shadow" by Crush 40 sung by Shadow
"Call Me when You're Sober" by Evanescence sung by Rouge
"The Fixer" by Pearl Jam sung by Amy
"Gotta Get it Back" from the Donkey Kong Country TV show sung by Amanda Hong, Dani Mong, Lacy and Tracy Song and Cherry Long
"Betterman" by Pearl jam sung by Emilie
Amanda: Good job, Em.
Jamie: That was a good song.
Emilie: Thank you. OK, last is Spyro and Cynder.
Christopher: Make my girlfriend proud, Cynder.
Cynder: Right. I'm doing this for Selena and I can't let her down.
Emilie: That's the spirit, Cynder.
Spyro: Attention, all our friends, get ready to hear one of the most beautiful slow songs.
Cynder: "Sirens" from Pearl Jam.
Everyone cheered as the song began.
Spyro: Hear the sirens.
Cynder: Hear the sirens.
Spyro: Hear the sirens. Hear the circus so profound.
Cynder: I hear the sirens more and more in this here town.
Spyro: Let me catch me breath to breathe and reach across the bend, just to know we're safe. I am a grateful man.
Cynder: This light is pit, alive but I can see you clear. Ooh.
Spyro and Cynder: Have to take your hand and feel your breath for fear this someday will be over. I pull you close, so much to lose knowing that nothing lasts forever. I didn't care, before you were here, I danced with laughter with the ever after. But all things change. Let this remain.
Christopher: Those two are amazing.
Rouge: I know. I love it.
Spyro: Hear the sirens. Covered distance in the night.
Cynder: The sound, they're getting closer. Will they come for me next time?
Spyro: For every choice mistake it's not my plan to send you in the arms of another man.
Cynder: And if you choose to stay, I'll wait. I'll understand. Ooh.
Spyro and Cynder: It's a fragile thing, this life we'd lead if I think too much I can't get over. Whelmed by the grace, by which we'd live our lives with death over our shoulders. Want you to know, that should I go? I always loved you, held you high above, too. I studied your face. The fear goes away.
Christopher: Keep it up, you two. This is getting awesome.
(Repeats the second chorus but says "The Fear Goes Away" a few more times then the song ends)
Emilie: That was wonderful, you two!
Selena: I'm so proud of you!
Ali Rose: Selena, your voice is back!
Selena: Hey, yeah. You're right it is. Thank you so much, you two.
Emilie: And that concludes our first live concert in our bedroom.
M and S Show Ep. 3: Cynder Hears the Sirens
Here's episode two to the Mario and Sonic Show. I made it the third episode because the Christmas special was a holiday episode so I won't count that as the third episode. And more teammates have appeared, too. Including more of Sonic's friends and Mario's friends, etc. Sorry that's it's so long. In the YouTube version, it will be divided into three parts.
Emilie: OK. guys, we got everything settled for Christmas. We got a big feast for our Christmas Day feast tomorrow night, all my presents were sent and I even sent my story to my family so they can read it.
Jack: Good thinking, Emilie. I read it, and I loved it.
Sally: Such a sad but beautiful story.
Elise: Emilie usually writes powerful stories. They always capture people's emotions.
Mario: Cool. So anyway, we got all our presents and they are under the tree as usual.
Luigi: All we gotta do is wait for Santa Claus to come.
Emilie: Right, let's go, guys. We don't want Santa to keep waiting.
Spyro: Sure hope it won't be like AnimeBroMii's first Christmas special I saw last week.
Cynder: Me, too, Spyro. If it does happen, I hope we find a way out of the problem.
Christopher: I agree, Cynder. And we have to be careful when you or Spyro are hurt. If Spyro is hurt, it will take effect of Selena.
Selena: And if you're hurt, Cynder, then it will take effect of Christopher.
Banjo: Right, so if any villains come, then we will all work together to stop them. Right, Kazooie?
Kazooie: Right, Banjo, maybe our beak bomb attack will make good damage.
Sally: Yes, if it could hurt demon snowmen in Freezeezy Peak, it can hurt powerful villains.
Sindy: OK, guys, we got everything settled in here for all of us to sleep.
Sparx: Yeah. Come on, I want presents!
Spyro: Oh, Sprax, you are such a goof.
Selena: Same to you, Sindy. Now come on, guys, let's get some shut eye.
Narrator: So, all the heroes got some rest for the night so they can all have energy for the Christmas excitement in the morning.
12:00 AM, Christmas Morning
Santa: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas. I got a little present for young Emilie and her new friends. Some new teammates for a very likely team. Ooh, Emilie and her friends even left some milk and cookies for me.
Ripto: MINE!
Ripto: No way, I saw them first. NOW, GUYS!
Bowser: Now I got you!
Eggman: Now the little freak, Emilie, won't get any presents. I'll even take her presents from her parents back in Soleanna, her most treasured presents.
Bowser: Koopa, throw Santa into the prison!
Koopa: Roger, sir. OPEN THE PRISON NOW!
Back in the bedroom
Emilie: What's going on out there?
Sparx: Come on, let's find out!
Sindy: Right behind you, Sparx!
Spyro: Come on, Cynder.
Cynder: OK. I'm coming.
Tails: What? Eggman, Bowser, what are you doing?
Bowser: Well, well, well, if it isn't the fellow Soleanan who joined the team. I see you brought your freak princess friend, Elise, along.
Eggman: Oh yeah? What do you call a woman who kissed a hedgehog even though she was human then?
Emilie: She did it to SAVE SONIC'S LIFE!
Eggman: OW! Don't hit me, you little brat! You're going into prison!
Bowser: And so are your little girl friends.
Kazooie: Let go of me, you freaky wizard!
Elise: Unhand me this instant!
Selena: What the heck are you doing? Get away from me!
Risha: Never, you pathetic half fairy!
Sally: Stop this instant, Oogie! Jack will stop you like he always has!
Oogie Boogie: Not if I work with the villains.
Bowser: (Laughs) That's what anyone would say when determined to save loved ones and close friends.
Eggman: No matter what you male heroes say, we'll never stop.
Banjo: We'll get you! And we'll save all the girls!
Spyro: I'll fight Ripto and Risha. Mario, you fight Bowser. Banjo, you're with me. Christopher, you fight Madrid, he deserves a beating from his former servant.
Christopher: Right. Let's go guys!
The fight continued on but all the male heroes were taken to prison with all the girls. But only Spyro was left, and he was cornered by Eggman.
Eggman: Well, little dragon, you shall die while your little girlfriend suffers without her the one male dragon she loves.
Eggman: Don't get your hopes up, black dragon! I'll never give up! Say goodbye to your little boyfriend, Cynder the Dragon!
Selena: No! Don't hurt him! I'll get hurt, too!
Bowser Jr.: He doesn't give a fudge, half freak!
Spyro and Selena: OW!
Spyro was shot in the back left leg with a gun pistol! Then Eggman shot Spyro in the chest. Then Eggman used a powerful beam on Spyro, which destroyed Spyro's body completely. Only one of Spyro's wings were left and it drifted into Cynder's arms as if it to keep her company, but Cynder, along with the other heroes, were crying. Not just for Spyro, but for Selena, who also died instantly. Suddenly Bowser and Eggman started laughing as if they loved seeing the heroes suffer.
Eggman: Now it is time to open Emilie's presents.
Emilie: No! Don't open them!
Santa: Or you'll face the consequences!
Bowser: We don't care. Son, destroy the Christmas tree.
Bowser Jr.: You got it, dad.
Then the little brat koopa tipped the tree over, making it fall and losing its decorations.
Emilie: Oh man, I worked for a whole week decorating that.
Peach: And now it's ruined.
Eggman: Now, it's time for our own presents.
Bowser Jr.: I hope I get a new laptop.
But suddenly, when Eggman opened the box, two fireballs hit him and and egg and piece of fruit hit Bowser and Bowser Jr. It revealed a girl with brown hair, brown eyes, a pair of blue overalls with a red shirt underneath, brown shoes and a red cap with the initial "C" on it. Then there was a boy who looked like the girl only with blue overalls and a green shirt and a green cap also with the initial "C" on it. Next was a boy with brown hair, blue eyes and wearing pink. Then there was an Asian girl with Yoshi's tail behind her. And last was a girl who looked like the two cap-wearing kids.
Mario: Who are they?
Emilie: It's Camilla and her twin brother, Clyde, their little sister, Matilda, and their friends, Pat and Keesha.
Camilla: That's right, and we heard everything from inside this box!
Clyde: How could you do this to such an innocent dragon girl like Cynder!
Pat: You shall pay from the compliments of Team Camilla!
Keesha: Yes, you shall face the wrath of Miss Keesha Yin!
Matilda: Yes, let's do this!
So the friends fought with their fighting skills and Keesha created a portal to the perfect prison for all villains. When the villains were gone, all the heroes cheered for Camilla, Clyde, Matilda, Pat and Keesha. Then the five friends unlocked the prison and set the heroes free. Then Camilla saw that Cynder was still crying over the loss of her true love.
Camilla: Oh, Cynder, I'm so sorry about what happened to Spyro.
Emilie: I guess he won't be able to stick around for our walkthrough of the original Spyro the Dragon game.
Christopher: Or even Selena.
Santa: Yes, I'm sorry, too Cynder. You don't deserve this.
Matilda: I know a way to bring Spyro back.
The Heroes: YOU DO? HOW?
Matilda: I have the ability to heal and restore others when the die or get injured. It could also revive Selena, Christopher. Luckily I still have energy left in me.
Cynder: Thank you, Matilda. Thank you so much. (Hugs Matilda)
Matilda: (Hugs Cynder back) You're welcome, Cynder. You deserve a boyfriend.
So Matilda grabbed Spyro's wing from Cynder's hands gently and cast a restoring spell on the wing itself. It worked!
Spyro: Huh? What happened?
Selena: Whoa, what hit me?
Cynder: Oh, Spyro, I love you with all my heart and soul! Please, don't leave me again!
Spyro: Don't worry, Cynder, I never will. I love you, too.
Selena: Same to you, Christopher.
Christopher: I'm just so happy you and Spyro are back.
Santa: And, Emilie, I hope you have fun with your new laptop. I just know this one will be better than your last one.
Emilie: I'm sure it will, too, Santa.
Jack: Sandy Claws, I'm sorry you dealt with trouble again.
Santa: It's OK, Jack. I'm happy you weren't the cause of this. Well, I'm off. I hope to see you all again next year.
Spyro: Bye, Santa. See you next year.
Cynder: If this happens again, we'll help you again.
M and S Show: Christmas Special
Here's my Christmas special to the Mario and Sonic show. Inspired by Mr. Angi Chan and his brother, Isaac Kun, who are together called AnimeBroMii on YouTube. It was inspired by their first Christmas special in 2012. And some names have inspirations. The person who was carrying Selena was a sorceress named Risha. Her name was inspired by a character from the Cake Mania series.
Mario: So you added more members on our team now. Banjo and Kazooie from the Banjo Kazooie series and their fairy friends, John Benson and Sarah Breakway. And Jack Skellington and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas.
Emilie: That's right. What do you think?
Mario: I think it's a good idea. Like I said, we might need more teammates to fight the villains.
Sonic: Especially if the villains come during Christmas like in AnimeBroMii's two Christmas videos.
Elise: And speaking of Christmas, Emilie will be adding more teammates, but they won't arrive until Christmas.
Emilie: Yeah, my birthday doesn't count for it either. And it's because I'm busy that day, spending time with my family.
John: I'm sure Sarah and I can wait. Sarah can get impatient sometimes, but during Christmas she is too excited to even think about getting impatient.
Sarah: Right, and it's because Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.
Emilie: Mine, too. I used to visit my grandparents for Christmas but ever since my grandma died, I never had a chance to go lately.
Jack: That's so sad, Em. Are you OK?
Sally: Yeah I want to know, too.
Emilie: I'm fine, at least I have a boyfriend who understands.
Elise: Yes, and a best friend to help comfort you.
Spyro: Cynder, Sparx, Selena, Sindy, Christopher and I will support you, too, Em. So who else are you adding to our team once Christmas comes?
Emilie: Well, I'll be adding my Mario fan character, Camilla, and her twin brother, Clyde, and little sister, Matilda, and her boyfriend, Pat, and her rideable friend, Keesha. I'm also hoping to get Shadow and Rouge on the team. And their fairy friends, Shali Rose, August and Regina and the rest of the fairy team.
Sarah: Sounds awesome. Ali Rose and I have been friends since we were little.
Banjo: Who is Ali Rose?
John: She is the leader of the team that Shali Rose, August and Regina are part of. She had a boyfriend who is as clingy as Amy. His name is Jacob Louis. They broke up after Jacob caught Ali Rose kissing her current boyfriend, Alex.
Amy: I wouldn't mind meeting Jacob, we could be good friends.
Spyro: Yeah, I agree, Amy. And meeting a girl like Ali Rose could be fun, too. What's she like, Em?
Emilie: Well, she is the princess of her world while her friends are also princesses and princes of each of their kingdoms. For example, her smart friend, Alisha, is the princess of her kingdom, Fly Peak. That place was named because the fairies there have a unique way to fly. The same way Tails flies.
Tails: Wow, they have two tails, too?
Emilie: Yes. And Ali Rose's tough friend and rival, Jamie Louise, is the princess of Earth Town, where everyone controls the power of earth. And Ali Rose has one little sister named Miranda. Her mother, Queen Hinrin, wanted another child but Ali Rose's father died in an explosion.
Jack: Ooh, did it hurt her feelings?
Ali Rose: Yes, very much. But she was still happy that she had a little sister. Alisha and Jamie also have siblings. Alisha has a twin sister named Lisa and a little brother named Carson. And Jamie has a twin sister named Jade.
Sally: What about Jacob? Does he have any brothers or sisters?
Emilie: Yes, but just one sister. Her name is Annie and she is older than Jacob so she's always in charge of him whenever their father is out. Their mother died after giving birth to Jacob.
Cynder: It must have been hard on Annie.
Emilie: It was, but she still loves Jacob, that's why she tries to keep Jacob protected.
Selena: I'm excited about Christmas.
Sonic: Me, too. And it's the first Christmas for me and Elise to be together.
Elise: Yep, Sonic and I get to spend some time together during the most wonderful time of the year. Like the song goes: hearts will be glowing. And it's true, every couple spending Christmas time together is a perfect time.
Emilie: Yep. That's why it's titled "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year". Besides the fact it's the holiday of family and giving. I just hope Christmas will be nicer than AnimeBroMii's Christmas videos.
Christopher: If it is going to be like any of the videos, we all have to be careful if any of us want to end up dead like Conker in the first video and Sonic in the second video.
Selena: And it better not be Spyro, Cynder or Sparx because if they die, I'll die, too.
Jack: Why is that, Selena?
Selena: Because if the person I symbolize is dead or hurt in some way, it will take effect on me if I'm near him.
Kazooie: Then we'll have to be careful on Christmas so you and Spyro won't end up Christmas meat.
M and S Show Ep. 2: More Teammates
Here's the second episode to the Mario and Sonic show. And yes, I am adding Jack and Sally, I'm not sure why, but I just want to. And for the videos mentioned, check my favorites list. The second AnimeBroMii Christmas video is there. And check their channel and look for the first video if you're interested in seeing any of the videos.
Sonic: Hey, Mario, this is my new girlfriend, Elise. And this is her best friend, Emilie.
Elise: Hello, how's it going?
Emilie: Pleasure to meet you, Mario. Sonic told us some great stuff about you.
Mario: Nice to meet you, too, Emilie. This is my brother, Luigi, my girlfriend, Peach and Luigi's girlfriend, Daisy.
Luigi: Hi, nice to meet you.
Peach: Yeah, and congrats on your new girlfriend, Sonic.
Daisy: Yeah, Amy is cute, but I think she was too clingy.
Emilie: Who's Amy?
Sonic: My ex-girlfriend. She was too clingy, she wouldn't stop hugging me tightly. And every time she sees me with another girl, she gets so mad she threatens to hit me and that girl with her hammer.
Elise: Did you two break up and that why you're with me?
Sonic: Yes we did.
Amy: And I'm happy we did, because I heard in my latest tarot prediction that Sonic and I aren't meant to be. So he can be with you forever.
Elise: Thank you, Amy.
Sonic: I always knew you would change.
Emilie: Oh, by the way, I'll be adding some teammates so we can have our own team so we won't be powerless against bad guys.
Mario: Good idea. Who knows when Bowser or Eggman ever comes.
Luigi: Who will be joining, Em? Can I call you Em?
Emilie: Sure, my boyfriend, Brent, and even my mom calls me that. And right now, I'm going to add a dragon named Spyro and his girlfriend, Cynder, and his step brother, Sparx.
Mario: I heard a lot about him, I would love to meet Spyro.
Luigi: Me, too.
Emilie: They should be here by tomorrow. Along with a fan character I made for Spyro. A half fairy named Selena and her boyfriend, Christopher, and her adoptive sister, Sindy.
The next day
Emilie: And this is my room. Oh hey, guys, our new teammates have come.
Spyro: Hi, you must be Mario. My name is Spyro, and this is my girlfriend, Cynder and my adoptive brother, Sparx.
Selena: And I'm Selena. And this is my boyfriend, Christopher, and my adoptive sister, Sindy.
Cynder: Hi, nice to meet you.
Christopher: Yeah, Emilie told us that the team would be fun to join, I guess she was right.
Sindy: I don't know, this Italian dude does not look trustworthy.
Sparx: Couldn't agree more, Sindy.
Spyro: Sparx!
Selena: Sindy!
Emilie: You two are wrong, Mario has saved his world a million times. He was so popular he appeared in one movie, three TV shows and even some video games outside his series.
Mario: Yeah.
Sparx and Sindy: Sorry.
Emilie: Anyway, even with Sparx and Sindy's silly comments, I'm sure we'll be a good team.
Mario: I agree, these characters deserve to be with us.
Selena: Thank you. I can't wait what's in store for our future. Will there be other characters joining us?
Emilie: Yes, but not right now. We'll just have to wait.
Mario and Sonic Show: Pilot Episode
This is a script for a YouTube series I'll be making soon with the same name. The other characters will appear in the next episodes.
Bad news, everyone. My computer is broken for good, the hard drive is broken like broken glass and the warranty went by long ago, so don't expect a lot of pictures added all the time because I'll be using my brother's computer until Christmas when my replacement computer comes.
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Emilie Michaela Vance
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I was born in Auburn, Washington and am part Irish part English. My family and I both love the rock band, Pearl Jam. I'm also the creative one in my family but also my brother who loves to create poems.
My fave singers include Eddie Vedder, Amy Lee, Johnny Gioelli (of Crush 40), Victoria Justice and Lacey Sturm.
Fave actors include Eric Roberts, Hugh Laurie, Jim Parsons, Roger Craig Smith, Leon Thomas III, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Jim Cummings, Tom Kenny, and Jason Griffith.
Fave actresses include Kate Higgins, Victoria Justice, Liz Gillies, Amy Palant, Lacey Chabert, Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, and Ciara Bravo.
Loves: Music, acting, video games, family, dancing, making friends, TV shows, comedy, singing, swimming, time by myself, art, reading and shopping.
Hates: Threats on my art, people hating something I like (except friends of course), failing classes, getting grounded, raw onions (unless sweet), someone telling me I can't do it in a rude way, my brother ranting and yelling, and gross bugs like spiders (not afraid of them).
Fave TV Shows: SpongeBob Squarepants, Victorious, Entourage, Sonic X, The Big Bang Theory, Danny Phantom, That 70s Show, Family Guy, Super Mario World (have a DVD of the whole series), CatDog and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Fave kinds of music: Rock like hard and classic and soundtrack
Fave bands: System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Evanescence, Crush 40 and Flyleaf.
Fave songs: "Suite Pee", (System of a Down) "Black", (Pearl Jam) "My Immortal" (Evanescence) "His World" (Crush 40) and "I'm So Sick" (Flyleaf)
Fave movies: Pearl Jam 20, Into the Wild, Super Mario Bros. (a tiny bit), Titanic, The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, The Land Before Time 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12.
Fave quote: "Didn't have to ask you just took my hand. Off we went skipping throughout the land. The sky was blue and the blood filed my head. You and me skipping throughout the land." Eddie Vedder song: "Skipping"
Fave games: Sonic 06 (dodges knife from hater), Sonic Unleashed, all Mario and Sonic games, all Mario Party games (except DS), Super Mario 64, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic and the Black Knight, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, the entire Sonic Riders series and Sonic Generations
Do I take requests?: Yes I do
Couples I support: JackXSally, LockXShock, SonicXElise, SonicXAmy, SonicXBlaze, ShadowXRouge, ShadowXMaria, KnucklesXRouge, KnucklesXTikal, SilverXBlaze, TailsXCosmo, TailsXCream
Couples I DON'T support: Gay Couples (Even though I believe in gay rights)

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