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This is the best picture I found of Elise and Sonic's friends together. My dream is to see a Sonic game like this. I love the first Mar...



What up, followers? It's Sonic's 24th Anniversary, and you know what that means? My anniversary special for Sonic. This year will be a YouTube version of my story, Aladdin (Sonic Style). It's part plush video part animated video. So whenever it gets to a song, the video will be animated. It will be a eight-part video like the DeviantArt version. When the series is finished, I'll send a link of all parts, like I did for the Nightmare Before Christmas (Sonic Style). And I have a surprise for the finale.
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Back in Mobobah, the palace was on top of a mountain with a dark red cloud shrouded on it. Inside the throne room, Hector was turned into a marionette with Jet controlling him and Elise was chained next to the throne.
"Puppet ruler want a cracker? Here's your cracker," Jet said, stuffing Hector's mouth with crackers. "Shove 'em all right down your throat. Here have lots!"
"Stop! Stop it! Leave him alone!" Elise yelled and Eggman motioned Jet to stop.
"It pains me to see you reduced to this, Elise," Eggman said, taking a bite of the apple Elise held in her hands then turning Elise's chain into a crown. "A beautiful bloom such as yourself should be on the arm of the most powerful wizard in the world. What do you say, my dear? Why you as my queen..."
"Never!" Elise yelled, slapping Eggman in the face. Eggman yelled in pain. Then he was about to hit Elise with a spell until he had an idea.
"Genie...I have decided to make my final wish," Eggman said. "I wish for Princess Elise to fall desperately in love with me."
"Ah, master, there are a few quid pro quo..." Shahra said, dressed as William F. Buckley but was cut off by Eggman.
"Don't talk back to me, you stupid girl genie! You will do what I order you to do, slave!" Eggman yelled. Then Elise spotted Sonic in a window and smiled at him. Sonic told her to keep quiet and Elise understood and played along. So she stood up seductively and put on her crown.
"Eggman, I never realized how incredibly handsome you are," Elise said, making Shahra's jaw drop.
"That's better," Eggman said, pulling Shahra jaw back up like a shade. "Now gorgeous, tell me more about...myself."
"You're tall, handsome," Elise said. While Elise and Eggman were talking, Shahra was confused of how the wish worked. Then she spotted Sonic and Cheese next to a pillar. She tried to get Sonic's attention, but he told Shahra to be quiet. So Shahra zipped her mouth shut. Then she unzipped her mouth and spoke again.
"Son, I can't help you, I work for evil psychopath now," Shahra whispered. "What are you going to do?"
"Hey, I'm a street rat, remember?" Sonic asked and zipped Shahra's mouth again. "I'll improvise." So Sonic slid down a pile of coins to get behind Eggman and steal the lamp while Elise distracted Eggman. She told Eggman how twisted his goggles were, but she was really telling Sonic to come over. So Sonic sneakily went to Eggman. Jet tried to tell Eggman but Cheese covered his mouth. Sonic was about to grab the lamp but Jet knocked the bowl over but Elise continued her distraction by kissing Eggman, leaving Sonic disgusted. When the two let go, Eggman saw Sonic's reflection on Elise's crown. He was about to zap Sonic with his magical band but Elise stopped him until Eggman tossed her. Sonic grabbed Eggman's hand.
"Get the lamp," Sonic said to Elise, who ran to Eggman.
"No!" Eggman yelled, tossing Sonic aside and zapped Elise, causing her to be trapped in an hourglass. "Ah, ah, ah, your time is up, Princess."
"Elise!" Sonic yelled after tackling Eggman.
"Oh, nice shot, Egg..." Jet said but was cut off when Cheese hit him with a plate.
"CHAO CHAO!" Cheese yelled. Cheese tried to grab the lamp but Eggman zapped him and turned Cheese into a wind-up toy. So the carpet tried to grab the lamp but Eggman turned it into nothing but thread. So Sonic fought Eggman himself, but it was tricky when trying to get the lamp. Then when Sonic called Eggman a snake, Eggman turned into snake and caught Sonic in his coils. Eggman tried attacking Sonic but he was instead hit in the face with the sword Sonic held. Eggman yelled in pain while Shahra, who cloned herself, dressed herself as a cheerleader.
"Rickem, rockem, rackem rack-stick that sword into that snake," Shahra said.
"You sssstay out of thisssss," Eggman hissed.
"Eggman, Eggman, he's our man if he can't do it GREAT!" Shahra yelled. While Eggman was distracted, this gave Sonic a chance to break the hourglass but Eggman pushed him away. Sonic saw that Elise was halfway buried in the sand. So Sonic hit Eggman once again this time in the throat, making Eggman scream in agony. Sonic tried again to save Elise, who was buried up to her head by breaking the hourglass but Eggman grabbed Sonic in his coils.
"You little fool! You thought could defeat the most powerful being on earth?" Eggman yelled.
"Squeeze him, Eggman, squeeze him like a...AWK!" Jet yelled as Shahra pushed him aside.
"Without the genie, boy, you're nothing!" Eggman said.
"The genie!" Sonic said, finally coming up with a plan. "The genie has more power than you'll ever have!"
"What?" Eggman yelled.
"She gave you your power, he can take it away," Sonic said.
"Son, what are you doing? Why are you bringing me into this?" Shahra asked.
"Face it, Eggman, you're still second best," Sonic said. Then Eggman realized this was true, so he made his final wish: to be an all-powerful genie. Shahra reluctantly granted the wish. Sonic turned to Elise's hourglass and noticed her hand was close being buried. So he hit the glass with a board. It worked and Elise was free. Then Eggman got so big he broke the roof. He was dark red with a black lamp at his base.
"What have you done?" Elise asked.
"Trust me," Sonic said.
"The universe is mine! TO CONTROL!" Eggman yelled.
"Not so fast, Eggman! Aren't you forgetting something?" Sonic yelled. "You wanted to be a genie, you got it."
"WHAT?" Eggman yelled as gold shackles appeared on his wrists, making Eggman realize his mistake.
"And everything that goes with it!" Sonic yelled, holding the lamp. Then Eggman was getting sucked in to the lamp and made Jet go in with him. When Eggman was gone, Shahra came to Sonic and hugged him.
"Son, you little genius you!" Shahra replied. Then Cheese returned to normal and carpet was back into its own carpet form and Hector was back in his normal clothes and Chocola was back to a grown chao and the palace was back in its original place. Then the lamp was full of arguments from Eggman and Jet so Shahra tossed the lamp into the desert. Then Sonic sadly turned to Elise.
"Elise, I'm sorry I lied to you about being a prince," Sonic said.
"I know why you did," Elise said, sadly.
"Well, I guess this is good bye," Sonic said as Shahra watched began to cry.
"Oh that stupid law. This isn't fair, I love you," Elise said.
"Son, no problem. You've still got one more wish left. Just say the word and you're a prince again," Shahra said.
"But, Shahra, what about your freedom?" Sonic said.
"Hey, it's only an eternity of servitude. This is love," Shahra said. "Son, you're not gonna find another girl like her in a million years. Believe me, I know. I've looked."
"Elise, I do love you, but I've got to stop pretending to be something I'm not," Sonic said.
"I understand," Elise said. After one last look in Elise's eyes, Sonic turned Shahra and made his final wish.
"Shahra, I wish for your freedom," Sonic said.
"One bona fide prince pedigree coming up. I...what?" Shahra asked, shocked.
"Shahra, you're free," Sonic said, holding up the lamp. Then it levitated out of Sonic's hands. Then a tornado surrounded Shahra's legs and the shackles on her wrists disappeared, revealing regular gold bracelets. Then the lamp fell to the ground and Shahra picked it up. She was finally free.
"Heh, heh. I'm free. I'm free," Shahra said and handed the lamp to Sonic. "Quick! Quick! Wish for something outrageous! Say I wish for the Nile! Wish for the Nile! Try that!"
"Um...I wish for the Nile," Sonic said.
"NO WAY!" Shahra yelled and laughed hysterically. Then she bounced around the balcony like a pinball machine and packed some random stuff in a suitcase, saying she was going to see the world. Then she saw that Sonic was sad.
"Shahra, I'm...I'm gonna miss you," Sonic said.
"Me, too, Son. No matter what everybody says, you're still a prince to me," Shahra said and hugged Sonic.
"That's right, you've certainly proven you're worth as far as I'm concerned," Hector said. "It's the law that's the problem."
"Father?" Elise asked.
"Well, am I sultan or am I sultan? From this day forward, the princess shall marry whomever she deems worthy," Hector said, making Elise smile widely.
"Him! I choose...I choose you, Sonic," Elise said.
" me Son," Sonic said. He Elise were about to kiss when Shahra came in with a Hawaiian shirt, golf clubs and a Goofy hat.
"Oh, all of ya, big group hug. Group hug! OOH! Mind if I kiss the chao?" Shahra asked and kissed Cheese. "Byebye, you two crazy love birds! Hey, carpet, ciao! I'm history! No, I'm mythology! No, I don't care what I am! I'm free!"

That night, fireworks appeared in the sky and Sonic and Elise were riding on the carpet. Sonic was in a new outfit and Elise was wearing a beautiful night blue outfit. Then the two hedgehogs began to sing.
"A whole new world
A whole new life
For you and me"
The two hedgehogs kissed as the fireworks continued and the magic carpet flew up into the sky and the three disappeared into the moon, beginning their new journey to a new world.
Aladdin (Sonic Style) Part 7
Well, that's the end. But soon, there will be a sequel, the Return of Eggman. The ending was always my favorite part of this movie because the final song is beautiful especially with the fireworks in the background. Also I have an announcement. On Sonic's 24th anniversary, I'll do a YouTube version of this story with the whole cast of the Mario and Sonic Show being extras. For example, Peach, Daisy and Rosalina will be the Harlem Dancers who appeared in "One Jump Ahead" and "Prince Ali" and other characters will be the chorus.
Attention fellow followers, there is a new monster on the loose. He plans to give you a note saying he/she loves your art and hopes to give you a free premium membership. But is he serious? NO HE IS NOT! What he really wants is to give your computer a virus so you can give up your DeviantArt pages. Don't fall for his heinous act, tell him/her you're too smart and you would rather have your regular membership and get a premium membership if your parents let you. So don't fall under this person's evil trick. Tell him/her to leave you alone and never send a dangerous link like that again.
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Fellow followers for my YouTube page and DeviantArt page, I have a contest that will come this fall. I need a Spyro the Dragon plush for my YouTube page. But I don't want Skylanders Spyro, I want Classic Spyro. And I think found some Classic Spyro plushes on eBay. Whoever finds buys a Spyro plush for me gets your fan character in the Mario and Sonic show. Just send me an e-mail telling me you found a Spyro plush and I'll give you my address via e-mail because my address is way too personal on this website or any website. Here are the rules.
It must be Classic Spyro, I'm not interested in Skylanders
Make sure eBay has a plush in good shape, no holes with the stuffing falling apart
Take your time, this contest has no due date so try your best and if you can't find one, it's OK
Good luck, followers. Happy hunting. ;)
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The next day, Sonic was standing on the balcony in sadness. He was happy that he won Elise's heart, but he wasn't ready to be king yet, all because of a terrible lie. Sonic went back inside until Shahra came out of the lamp.
"Huzzah! Hail the conquering hero!" Shahra said, and turned into a one woman band. But she saw Sonic just walking away, making her stop. Then she approached Sonic, acting like a director but Sonic just looked at her and went into the bed.
"Psst, your line is 'I'm going to free the genie. Anytime," Shahra whispered, holding a script labeled "Aladdin (Sonic Style)".
"Shahra, I can't," Sonic said, sadly.
"Sure you can. Just go 'Shahra, I wish you free'," Shahra said, using Sonic like a ventriloquist dummy.
"I'm serious. Look, I'm sorry...I really am," Sonic said. "But they want me to be! They want Prince Sonny king. Without you, I'm just Sonic."
"Son, you won," Shahra said.
"Because of you! The only reason anyone thinks I'm anything is because of you," Sonic said. "What if they find out I'm not a prince? What if Elise finds out? I'll lose her. Shahra, I can't keep this up on my own. I can't wish you free."
"Hey, I understand. After all, you lied to everyone else," Shahra said, feeling hurt. "I was beginning to feel left out. Now if you'll excuse me, master." Then she went back into the lamp. Sonic tried to apologize, but Shahra just stuck her tongue out. Sonic was so mad he threw the lamp into the pillow, leaving Cheese and the carpet shocked. Sonic yelled at them but he realized his mistake when Cheese and the carpet walked away.
"What am I doing? Shahra is right, I gotta tell Elise the truth," Sonic said.
"Sonny! Oh, Sonny, will you come here?" Elise's voice said.
"Well, here goes," Sonic said, not knowing that it was actually Jet, imitating Elise and dressed as a flamingo. "Elise? Where are you?"
"Ahem! On the menagerie, hurry," Jet said, imitating Elise. So Sonic went to find Elise while Jet laughed. But a male flamingo mistook him for a female flamingo for the way he talked. So Jet knocked the bird over and went to get the lamp.
"Boy, Eggman's gonna be happy to see you," Jet said and imitated Eggman. "Excellent work, Jet. Ah go on. No really on a scale of one to ten, you are an eleven. Ah, Eggman, you're too kind. I'm embarrassed, I'm blushing."

At the balcony of the castle, Hector stood there while everyone in Mobobah stood before him.
"Citizens of Mobobah, my daughter has finally chosen a suitor!" Hector said.
"Elise?" Sonic said from behind the curtain behind Hector.
"Sonny, where have you been?" Elise asked.
"There's something I've got to tell you," Sonic said.
"The whole kingdom has turned out for father's announcement," Elise said.
"No! But, Elise, listen to me, please!" Sonic said.
"Good luck!" Elise said and pushed Sonic out of the curtain. When Hector revealed who the suitor the crowd began to cheer but it left Sonic nervous. With Eggman and Jet, they were watching Hector reveal Elise's suitor. Then Eggman rubbed the lamp. Shahra had her back turned to Eggman.
"You know, Son, I'm getting reallyyyyyy..." Shahra said but turned to see Eggman. "I don't think you're him. Tonight, the role of Son will be played by a tall, dark, round and sinister ugly man."
"I'm you're master now!" Eggman said, putting his hand close to Shahra's face.
"I was afraid of that," Shahra said over Eggman's hand.
"Genie, grant me my first wish. I wish to rule high, as king!" Eggman said. Suddenly a dark cloud appeared in the sky and the ground started to shake. The roof of the balcony was ripped off but Sonic and Hector were able to dodge the pieces of the roof. Then Hector's crown flew in the air. He tried to keep it on but both the crown and his clothes were given to Eggman, who came out of nowhere.
"Eggman, you vile betrayer!" Hector said.
"That's King Vile Betrayer to you!" Jet said.
"We'll see about..." Sonic said but saw Shahra's lamp in Eggman's possession. "The lamp!"
"Finder's keepers, Porcupine!" Eggman said. Then Cheese and the carpet saw Shahra, lifting up the palace and walking away. So the two went to chase Shahra down. Sonic tried to get Shahra to stop, but now that Eggman is her master, he can't be stopped. Then Eggman wished to Shahra that he was the most powerful wizard in the world. Eggman was back in his clothes but turned into a more ugly and fatter version of himself with a red band. He used the band to force Elise and Hector to bow to him. Then Chocola came to Eggman and attacked him, but Eggman turned Chocola into a chao hatchling.
"Oh, princess, there's someone I'm DYING to introduce you to," Eggman said.
"Eggman! Get your hands off her!" Sonic yelled. He spin dashed off carpet to hit Eggman. Then he turned Sonic and began to sing.
"Prince Sonny,
Yes it is he,
But not as you know him
Read my lips and come to grips
With reality
Yes meet a blast from your past
Whose lies were too good to last
Say hello to your precious Prince Sonny!"
Eggman zapped Sonic, which returned Sonic to his normal self.
"Or should we say, Sonic," Eggman said.
"Sonny! I don't understand!" Elise replied.
"Elise, I tried to tell you," Sonic said, sadly.
"So Sonny turns out to be Sonic
Just a con,
Need I go on,
Take it from me,
His personality flaws
Give me adequate jaws
To send him packing on a one way trip
So his prospects take a terminal dip
His assets frozen, the venue chosen
Is the ends of the earth, WHOOPEE!
So long,
Then Eggman laughed evilly as the tower Sonic, Cheese and carpet were on broke off and flew in the air and Elise and Hector cowered in fear.

With Sonic, the tower fell in a snowy wasteland and Sonic fell out of the tower into the snow. Sonic looked around for Cheese and carpet. Then he saw a pile of snow moving.
"Cheese! Cheese!" Sonic called, digging up the pile to reveal a really cold Cheese.
"C-c-c-chao c-c-c-c-c-chao!" Cheese relied, shivering.
"Oh, it's all my fault! I should have freed Shahra when I had the chance," Sonic said. Then he spotted carpet but it was stuck. So Sonic pulled it until it was finally out of the pillar but the pillar began rolling again. Sonic tried to run but there was a cliff. So Sonic got in the window and it fell into the abyss.
"CHAO! CHAO!" Cheese replied as he and Sonic jumped onto the magic carpet.
"Now back to Mobobah! Let's go!" Sonic said.
Aladdin (Sonic Style) Part 6
I always loved how the genie used Aladdin like a ventriloquist dummy in the movie and made him say "Genie, I wish you free". That part always made me laugh as a kid.
What up, followers? It's Sonic's 24th Anniversary, and you know what that means? My anniversary special for Sonic. This year will be a YouTube version of my story, Aladdin (Sonic Style). It's part plush video part animated video. So whenever it gets to a song, the video will be animated. It will be a eight-part video like the DeviantArt version. When the series is finished, I'll send a link of all parts, like I did for the Nightmare Before Christmas (Sonic Style). And I have a surprise for the finale.
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Emilie Michaela Vance
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I was born in Auburn, Washington and am part Irish part English. My family and I both love the rock band, Pearl Jam. I'm also the creative one in my family but also my brother who loves to create poems.
My fave singers include Eddie Vedder, Amy Lee, Johnny Gioelli (of Crush 40), Victoria Justice and Lacey Sturm.
Fave actors include Eric Roberts, Hugh Laurie, Jim Parsons, Roger Craig Smith, Leon Thomas III, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Jim Cummings, Tom Kenny, and Jason Griffith.
Fave actresses include Kate Higgins, Victoria Justice, Liz Gillies, Amy Palant, Lacey Chabert, Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, and Ciara Bravo.
Loves: Music, acting, video games, family, dancing, making friends, TV shows, comedy, singing, swimming, time by myself, art, reading and shopping.
Hates: Threats on my art, people hating something I like (except friends of course), failing classes, getting grounded, raw onions (unless sweet), someone telling me I can't do it in a rude way, my brother ranting and yelling, and gross bugs like spiders (not afraid of them).
Fave TV Shows: SpongeBob Squarepants, Victorious, Entourage, Sonic X, The Big Bang Theory, Danny Phantom, That 70s Show, Family Guy, Super Mario World (have a DVD of the whole series), CatDog and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Fave kinds of music: Rock like hard and classic and soundtrack
Fave bands: System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Evanescence, Crush 40 and Flyleaf.
Fave songs: "Suite Pee", (System of a Down) "Black", (Pearl Jam) "My Immortal" (Evanescence) "His World" (Crush 40) and "I'm So Sick" (Flyleaf)
Fave movies: Pearl Jam 20, Into the Wild, Super Mario Bros. (a tiny bit), Titanic, The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, The Land Before Time 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12.
Fave quote: "Didn't have to ask you just took my hand. Off we went skipping throughout the land. The sky was blue and the blood filed my head. You and me skipping throughout the land." Eddie Vedder song: "Skipping"
Fave games: Sonic 06 (dodges knife from hater), Sonic Unleashed, all Mario and Sonic games, all Mario Party games (except DS), Super Mario 64, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic and the Black Knight, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, the entire Sonic Riders series and Sonic Generations
Do I take requests?: Yes I do
Couples I support: JackXSally, LockXShock, SonicXElise, SonicXAmy, SonicXBlaze, ShadowXRouge, ShadowXMaria, KnucklesXRouge, KnucklesXTikal, SilverXBlaze, TailsXCosmo, TailsXCream
Couples I DON'T support: Gay Couples (Even though I believe in gay rights)

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