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Bumper Bubbles by LilacPhoenix

This is the best picture I found of Elise and Sonic's friends together. My dream is to see a Sonic game like this. I love the first Mar...



Coco: So Eggman and Bowser both ate the turkey and said stuff like "this turkey is giving me butt cramps" and Bowser said "this is good, it's better than kidnapping Peach".
Crash: *Giggles*
Mario: Good one, Coco. What do you think, Emilie?
Luigi: Huh? Where is she?
Collin: She's visiting her family for a Christmas and birthday party for her back in Soleanna.
Elise: She should be back by tomorrow.
Peach: Oh, well that's OK. We can set up for our Christmas party tomorrow to surprise Emilie.
Aubia Aush: Oh yeah, Christmas is tomorrow. Are you excited, Cassie?
Cassie: *Nods*
Spyro: We are, too. It's me and Cynder's first Christmas with our kids. *Sigh* I just wish Ember were here.
Coco: Ember? What happened to her?
Crash: *Scratches his head*
Daisy: Well, you see...she changed her ways to be a bad guy because Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde and the banshee sprites manipulated her into thinking Flame will never come here.
Cynder: She challenged Emilie and lost, so the ghosts took Ember away.
Collin: That's terrible. I sure hope Flame does come here and gets Ember to change her mind.
Selena: I'm also worried about my childhood friend, Evan. You see, we were dating before I met Christopher. But I realized he wasn't my type. Evan was so mad he disappeared. No one has seen him in years.
Sparx: Well, we better be careful.
Mario: It's OK, we're celebrating Christmas now. It's the wonderful time of the year.
Keesha: Yeah, let's celebrate.
Camilla: Oh, I sure hope it won't be like last year.
Collin: Last year? What do you mean? What happened?
Sally: You should have been there, Collin. Last year was bad.
Cynder: And I really don't want to talk about it, that night scarred me for life.
Aubia Aush: Oh, I guess we shouldn't know.
Aku Aku: Unless it happens again.
Cassie: *Nods*
Kazooie: Let's sing a carol, guys.
Coco: Good idea, Kazooie. What will we sing?
Banjo: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year".
Collin: Ooh, I love that one.
Song: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
Elise: It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Mario: With the kids jiggle belling and everyone telling you...
John: Be of good cheer.
Sarah: It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Pinkie Pie: It's the hap-happiest season of all.
Twilight Sparkle: With the holiday greetings and happiest meetings...
Fluttershy: When friends come to call.
Shadow and Rouge: It's the hap-happiest season of all.
Coco: There will be parties for hosting and marshmallows for toasting and so much caroling out in the snow.
Apple Bloom: There will be scary ghost stories and glories of Christmas of long, long ago.
Sweetie Belle: It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Scootaloo: There'll be much mistletoeing and hearts will be glowing when love ones are near.
Yoshi: It's the most wonderful time...
Jack: It's the most wonderful time...
Aubia Aush and Aku Aku: It's the most wonderful time...
Everyone: OF THE YEAR!
End of song
Coco: That was wonderful. It's just like when Crash and I were with AnimeBroMii.
Crash: Whoa!
Elise: Oh, I know Emilie will be so happy when she sees this. After all, she loves the holidays.
Sonic: Besides the fact that her birthday is on the same week.
Camilla: Come on, guys, let's get some sleep. Santa Clause will be here soon.
Lily: Yeah, come on. We need sleep for Christmas excitement tomorrow.
Banjo: Let's go, Kazooie. You with us, John and Sarah?
John: Sure am.
Sarah: Yeah, same here.
Sonic: Alright, Elise, let's go.
Elise: Yeah, don't want Santa to wait any longer.
Coco: Indeed, Elise. Last one in Emilie's room is a Cortex minion.
Aubia Aush: Good one, Coco.
In Emilie's room
Mario: Have a good night, guys.
Luigi: Have a good night, everybody.
Camilla: Yeah, have a good night, everyone.
Clyde: Have a good night, everyone.
Lily: Good night.
Sonic: OK, good night. Good night, Elise.
Elise: Good night, Sonic.
Coco: Good night, guys.
Collin: Good night, guys. Cassie says good night, too.
Aubia Aush: Good night, everyone.
Aku Aku: Sleep tight, everyone.
Ali Rose: Sweet dreams, everybody.
Alisha: What she said.
Donkey Kong: Good night, Team Rare.
Team Rare: Good night, DK.
The Dragon Five: Good night, mom and dad.
Spyro: Good night, kids.
Cynder: Sweet dreams.
With the villains
Bowser: OK, villains, it's Christmas time. The heroes' deadline has reached.
Eggman: Those heroes better be ready. We got new villains here. We have Crash Bandicoot's arch enemy, Dr. Neo Cortex.
Cortex: And I am joined by my sea witch and sea scientist guidance, Dr. Nancy Carlisle.
Carlisle: Charmed I'm sure.
Bowser: We have Pac-Man's enemies, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde and the Banshee Sprites, Blense, Ense, Pense and Carol.
Blinky: And we brought along Ember, Spyro's ex-girlfriend. We manipulated her into joining us. And her half fairy guidance and Selena's ex-boyfriend, Evan, has come, too.
Cortex: Excellent, fellow ghosts. They'll be the bait for our plan this year.
Carlisle: Yes, you are the important part of this plan.
Ember: You really think so?
Blinky: Yes, Spyro is worried about you and Selena is worried about Evan. We'll get Spyro and Sonic to join us by turning them into monsters.
Evan: Sounds simple enough. Count us in. Maybe Selena will finally notice me. How will we turn the three into monsters?
Eggman: With this potion Cortex and I brewed. Spyro will be Dark Spyro, Selena will be Dark Selena and Sonic will be the werehog.
Bowser: This year, Christmas is ours.
All the villains laugh
Outside Emilie's room
Eggman: OK, Ripto, you spill the potion in Spyro's mouth I'll go for Sonic's mouth.
Ripto: You got it.
In Emilie's room
Everyone: *Snore*
Mario: Peach...
Banjo: Kazooie...
Kazooie: Banjo...
Tails: Cream...
Pinkie: Party time...
Sonic: Elise...
Elise: Sonic...kiss me...
Eggman: OK, they're all asleep. I have a flashlight. It has enough light to see Sonic and Spyro.
Ripto: OK, Dr. Eggman.
Eggman pours the potion in Sonic's mouth while Ripto does the same for Spyro
Eggman: OK, that should do it. Let's get out of here.
Sonic: What the heck?
Coco: What was that?
Collin: Someone turn on the light.
Jamie: Hey! Who tipped the mini tree over?
Sonic: Eggman?
Spyro: And Ripto?
Coco: Not you again.
Crash: *Yells gibberish*
Banjo: What the fudge are you two doing here?
Kazooie: Yeah, are you here to destroy us?
Eggman: No no no! We came here to uh...sing a Christmas song! Yeah!
Coco: No, not that song again.
Spyro: Yeah, I don't want to hear you sing. Get out.
Kaela: Yeah, get out or I'll set you two on fire.
Ripto: OK, geez. We're getting out already.
Sonic: That was dumb.
Coco: I know. And meeting Ripto again brings back those memories of meeting him in Crash Bandicoot Purple.
Spyro: By the way, you two, where's Ember?
Cynder: Are you using her in some way.
Eggman:! She's fine, we're not doing anything to her. Now, good night guys.
Eggman closes the door
Ripto: That should do it. In a few hours, Sonic, Spyro and Selena will be our slaves.
12:00 AM, Christmas morning
Santa Clause: Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas. Wow, Emilie's new house looks nice. Amazing texture. And I have a special surprise for Team Rare this year. Two new teammates.
Santa: Not you villains!
Bowser: And we got new teammates, Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. Nancy Carlisle, the Pac-Man ghosts, the Banshee Sprites and Queen Pixlface.
Eggman: We're going to ruin Emilie's Christmas again.
Back in Emilie's room
Mario: Huh? What's happening out there?
Luigi: Let's go take a look.
Banjo: I'm coming, too. Oh no, Santa is held captive again. The girls!
Apple Jack: Release Santa now!
Peach: Or face our wraths.
Cortex: Aw, look at the "little tough girls".
Carlisle: And my little mermaid human hybrid enemy has come, too. Ghosts, take the girls away.
Inky: You're coming to jail.
Jigglylou: What? But...what about when I took care of you?
Pinky: Inky is over that, crybaby! Open the prison, Koopa.
Koopa: Open the prison now!
Mario: Peach!
Collin: Cassie? Where.... (Gasp) OH MY GOSH! Let her go, Carlisle!
Back in Emilie's room
Sonic: Tails, I feel sick.
Spyro: Me, too, Sparx.
Tails: Don't worry, we'll deal with the ruckus outside.
Sonic: What about Elise?
Spyro: And Cynder and the kids?
Sparx: Don't worry about that either. Just relax, we'll help save the girls.
Sonic: Thanks, you two.
Tails: You're welcome.
Sparx: Yeah, Elise is one of my friends and you're kids are like the kids I never had.
Cortex: Well, the boys are here to save the girls. Especially you, Crash, determined to save your sister and mermaid guidance and her friend.
Coco: CRASH!
Aubia Aush: Save us!
Eggman: We're not ready yet. Pinky, bring that red-head freak and black dragon to me.
Pinky: Yes, Eggman.
Koopa: Open the gate now!
Pinky: Elise, Cynder, you're coming with me.
Coco: No, leave her alone!
Cassie: *Does a signal for "let her go"*
Elise: What do you want, Eggman?
Eggman: I'm here to make you watch you're boyfriends turn against you.
Tails: What's? Last Sparx and I looked, Sonic and Spyro are both sick.
Selena: That's why I feel sick.
Eggman: You guys may think that they're sick.
Cortex: But Eggman and I brewed a potion to turn Spyro and Sonic into monsters. Selena will transform as well since almost anything that happens to Spyro happens to Selena, too. And it shall begin right about...NOW!
Back in Emilie's room, Sonic and Spyro began to transform and the door opened, revealing a werewolf-hedgehog hybrid and a dark purple dragon
Selena: *Screams in pain*
Aubia Aush: SELENA!
Carlisle: Come to us, Selena, help us ruin Christmas.
Selena: No, I can control my dark form even with Spyro doing this.
Cortex: WHAT? DARN IT!
Bowser: No matter, we have Sonic and Spyro.
Mario and Luigi fought Eggman first, but Blinky sneaked up on them. Then Crash and Collin fought Cortex and Carlisle until they pretended to give up but Inky took Crash and Collin to the prison. Next was Yoshi, Banjo, Sparx, Jack, Shadow, Jacob, Alex and all the other boys, but all failed. Shadow escaped before any of the ghosts captured him.
Cortex: *Chuckles* Looks like the great Crash Bandicoot is in a villain's prison.
Ember: Yeah, that was awesome. Now Cynder is all alone with five kids. It's game over for all of you.
Eggman: And now it's time for Cynder and Elise to die, instead of Spyro like last year.
Coco: What?
Aku Aku: That's what happened?
Collin: No wonder it scarred her!
Uka Uka: Yes, and it shall happen with these two.
Elise: No! Sonic, please don't kill us. I love you, Sonic. More than anything else in the world.
Elise: No, please, Sonic. Remember how we met? You were hurt, but I brought you back with the Chaos Emeralds? That was the most amazing experience of love I had in my life. I love you, Sonic...with the bottom of my heart.
Elise and Cynder both grab the gun
Eggman: Hey, let go of that!
Uka Uka: That's not a toy, idiot!
Sonic and Spyro both run to Eggman but unbeknownst to Sonic, he was close to the bullet hole and the trigger was pulled and BAM!
Tails: SONIC!
Ali Rose: Oh no!
Spyro: Sonic? (Returns to normal) SONIC!
Sonic falls to the floor as his eyes close
Elise: SONIC! NO! NOT AGAIN! (Cries into Sonic's chest while Spyro and Cynder began to cry, too)
Coco: *Sniffle* Sonic...
Elise continues to cry as Sonic weekly wakes up
Sonic: Huh? E...E...E...Elise?
Elise: Sonic? You're OK?
Spyro: Sonic, please don't die! (Sobs uncontrollably)
Cynder: Please, you're our friend! You were like a brother to me! (Sobs as well)
Collin: Sonic, don't leave, please.
Mario: Please, Sonic, you were always my closest friend!
Sonic: E...Elise...
Elise: Y-yes?
Sonic: Every...thing...will be...O...K. I promise. I...I...I.... (Lets out his last breath)
Elise: SONIC! NO! (Continues to cry)
All the heroes began to cry as well. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Tails, Knuckles, Banjo, Kazooie, DK and his friends, Crash, Coco, Aku Aku, and all the mythical heroes. The only villains crying were Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde, Blense, Ense, Pense and Carol. So Eggman took Spyro and Cynder to prison while Cortex grabbed Elise and took her away from her dead love and Carlisle put Sonic in a box
Eggman: YES! I beat Sonic! Now there will never be a 25th anniversary game! Now let's see what Santa sent to Team Rare.
Cortex: Yes, and Elise is my prisoner.
Paulina: Get away from Emilie's gifs!
Marco: You'll face the consequences!
Sarah: Yeah, like last year!
Eggman: No we won't!
?: Yes you will! Take that!
Eggman was hit by three fingers and the box revealed a green chameleon with a purple bat on his head.
Kazooie: That really is a surprise, Yooka-Laylee won't until next fall!
Laylee: We came to help you guys.
Santa: Oh, Yooka, Laylee, there's one villain who was once good. I have a gift for her. Open it.
Yooka: You got it, Santa. (Opens the box and a red dragon with a gold underbelly and wing span came out)
Ember: FLAME!
Flame: Ember! It's so good to see you!
Blinky: We're joining the good guys, too.
Inky: Seeing Sonic die made be good.
Pinky: Shadow, come help us!
Shadow: OK, you set the girls free while the ghosts seal the villains in that box right there.
Clyde: OK.
Flame: OK, you guys are free.
Coco: Thank you, guys, I'm so happy the ghosts are good guys now.
Ense: So are we.
Shadow: Alright, villains, prepare to be sealed in this box forever!
Yooka: YES! WE DID IT!
Laylee: Are you guys OK?
Amy: Yeah, thanks to you guys.
Ember: I can't believe I trusted the villains when I promised to never hurt Cynder ever again.
Coco: Don't beat yourself up, Ember, we all forgive you. Don't you, Crash?
Crash: *Nods*
Ember: Thanks, guys. Now that Flame is here, I can finally keep my promise.
Emilie: Hi, guys.
Collin: Emilie! You're back!
Aku Aku: I thought you were coming back tomorrow.
Emilie: I was, but I saw that you guys were in trouble, so I asked mom to leave early and she agreed.
Daisy: We're OK now, but Sonic...
Paulina: He was shot.
Emilie: I know a way to bring him back.
Matilda: I can't Emilie, I had to heal Crash's leg and Banjo's arm and the time to revive the dead has time limit of twelve hours and my powers takes a day to charge
Emilie: No, not like that. My blue topaz necklace can heal even a deadly bullet wound. And she has plenty of power.
So Emilie heads to the box with Sonic inside and healed his wound and Sonic came out, alive and well
Sonic: Guys?
Collin: SONIC!
Coco: He's back!
Aubia Aush: I guess there will be a 25th anniversary game after all.
Mario: Good to have you back.
Luigi: But you should see your girlfriend.
Sonic: Elise?
Elise: (Cries and hugs Sonic)
Sonic: Elise, what's wrong?
Jack: She's crying of tears of sadness and joy at the same time.
Elise: Yes, Eggman shot you instead of me and Cynder.
Sonic: What? Is it true?
Banjo: Yes, we saw it all.
Sonic: Well, I'm OK now, Elise. I will never leave your side. I love you, Elise.
Elise: I love you, too, Sonic.
The two kissed out of love while the other couples kissed, Mario and Peach, Luigi and Daisy, Banjo and Kazooie, Shadow and Rouge, Camilla and Pat, Clyde and Lily, Ali Rose and Alex, Selena and Christopher. Even the siblings hugged and kissed.
Emilie: I guess things are back to normal, huh?
Coco: Yeah, and we have new couples to the team now.
Collin: Now we can celebrate Valentine's Day together.
Santa: I'm off now. Good luck to all of you couples.
Spyro: Thank you, Santa. We'll see you next year.
Cynder: Like I said last year, if this happens again, we'll help you again.
M and S Christmas Special 2015
Well, here's the Christmas special this year. And yes, I love Crash Bandicoot. He and his sister and Aku Aku will come during my birthday special.
Good news, followers. Remember my story, Paper Mario and Sonic? Where Mario and Sonic team up to save Peach and Elise from Armano, King of the Armanks? Well, I'm hoping to do my first YouTube short film based on that story. It will be a plush video, like in the Mario and Sonic Show. I'm hoping to do it after the New Year because Christmas and Thanksgiving will be super busy. We get busy during holidays. Plus this month is National Novel Writing Month, (or NaNoWriMo for short) so I'm busy writing my novel. But don't worry, I won't be so busy I can't do my stories and art here or make videos on YouTube. In fact time on my computer this month is perfect to catch up on my videos. I'll even make a video for the anniversary of the first episode of the Mario and Sonic Show. What it will be? And what song am I adding? It will be a surprise.
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Sarah: Wow, Rare sure did a lot of games. They seemed really cool.
John: Yeah, I mean, Donkey Kong 64 has to be the best, next to Banjo-Kazooie.
Keesha: Wait, back up. "Conker's Bad Fur Day"? What the heck is that?
Donkey Kong: No, don't look at that!
John: Why?
Emilie: Conker's Bad Fur Day is the WORST mature game ever! I can't stand it!
Diddy Kong: There's no way I'm adding Conker to Team Rare!
Tiny Kong: You said it, he has a foul mouth, his game has gruesome scenes...
Banjo: And Conker only wanted to be our friend to spend time with Kazooie.
Kazooie: And finally, Conker snapped and asked me out and I told him "NO!" So don't add Conker. (Walks away with her team)
Keesha: (Gives Emilie a look)
Emilie: Ooh no! I am NOT writing a letter to Conker, pretending it's from Banjo and Kazooie and saying they want to reconcile.
Amanda: Yeah, we should respect Team Rare's wishes.
Keesha: Come on, it will be fun. With Conker around, we'll have more teammates from Rare.
Danni: Fine, we'll do it. But if this friendship is wrong, Conker is out.
At Conker's Castle
Conker: What do you Berri and Courtney?
Courtney: We got a letter from Banjo and Kazooie. It says: "Dear Conker, we want you to join us again. If you do, our team will have more members and things will be different. What do you say? Sincerely, Banjo and Kazooie."
Conker: Ugh...not that annoying duo again. I used to be friends with them. But I only wanted to spend time with Team Rare to hang with Kazooie. I had feelings for her and after beating Banjo in a bet of who had the most good reviews for our second installments, I snapped and forced Kazooie into dating me, but she yelled no and called me a potty mouth.
Berri: So I'm guessing that's a "no" for the invitation.
Conker: You got that right.
Unbeknownst to Conker, Keesha was watching so she told the gang what happened
Keesha: So Conker says no, he won't come.
Emilie: Good, he deserves not to join us. He might continue cussing and doing gross stuff.
Lacy: Yeah, like our old friend, Courtney.
John: We're not giving up. Team Rare needs more teammates. And Yooka-Laylee won't be released into America until next fall.
Sarah: I know a good plan. We trick Banjo, Kazooie and Conker into seeing each other and maybe they'll reconcile. John and I will bring a fake warning to Banjo and Kazooie. And Keesha, you are very good at sneaking. You do the same thing DK did in the Donkey Country TV show episode, "Best of Enemies".
Keesha: OK.
Emilie (in her thoughts): I have a feeling this is going to end up like that episode.
In the living room
Banjo: Make Conker come join us again? There's no way I'm letting that liar come back.
Kazooie: Me either. He might ask me out again.
John: Banjo! Kazooie! Amy and Elise have been kidnapped by the villains!
Kazooie: What? Come on, Banjo, let's save them!
Banjo: OK.
In Conker's Castle
Conker: *Snore*
Keesha: Hey, Conker!
Conker: Huh? HEY!
Keesha: Does your crown match my eyes?
Conker: You dumb Asian creep! Give that back RIGHT NOW!
Keesha: You have to catch me first.
Keesha ran off while Conker ran after her until Keesha jumped up on the bed in the guest bedroom.
Keesha: *Pant, pant* He's right behind me!
John: Good, and you left the crown on the floor as bait.
Sarah: That should really get Conker to get over here.
Conker: Finally, I feel naked without my crown. Huh?
Banjo: What?
Banjo, Kazooie, and Conker: YOU AGAIN!
Banjo: Where are you keeping Amy and Elise?
Conker: I have no idea who they are or what this is about, but all I know is that I would never capture a girl!
Emilie: I told you it was a bad idea!
Twilight: I couldn't agree more, Conker is the worst video game character I ever seen. I can't believe Nintendo even accepted him.
Sarah: I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. John, stop laughing at me.
John: It's not me, it's them.
Banjo: *Laughs* I did do that, didn't I?
Kazooie: Good times! *Laughs*
"Old Friend, Together Again"
Conker: Here we are, back to together I missed you so much. I can't believe we have-
Banjo: Survived! Now we're a team of eight, it's so great.
Banjo, Kazooie, and Conker: Here we are old friend, together again. Through thick and thin. We'll always be friends.
Conker: Remember this? Tsunami wrestling.
Kazooie: We almost had you there! How about this? Sky diving without a para-
Conker: Shoot! Those were good times with the Nintendo and Rareware partnership.
Banjo, Kazooie and Conker: Here we are old friend, together again. Through thick and thin. We'll always be friends.
Rainbow Dash: Well, what do you know? Easy as Tomodachi Pony Life.
Emilie: Alright, he's welcome to stay. But one slip up and Conker is out of here.
Donkey Kong: Yeah, I'm not letting Kazooie date that potty mouth of a squirrel.
Fluttershy: And I'm not going to keep him in control.
In Emilie's bedroom
Donkey Kong: Where are they? We were supposed to play multiplayer mode in Banjo-Tooie an hour ago.
Lanky: Another reason this was a bad idea.
Kazooie: BOO!
Lanky: *Yells* Why'd you do that, Kazooie.
Conker: A game we had done a lot before our fight. Pranking all our friends.
Chunky: Chunky thought bear and bird never prank us.
Danni: So Kazooie screamed "BOO!" in Lanky's ear.
Selena: Why the heck would Conker do this?
Christopher: Yeah, Banjo was never prankster. He was always a bear with a heart of gold. And Kazooie may have pecked Banjo in the back of his head in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, but Banjo always brings Kazooie's soft side.
Apple Jack: That gosh darn breegul, bear and squirrel!
Cherry: Apple Jack? Apple Bloom? What happened?
Apple Bloom: Banjo, Kazooie and Conker happened! They hit us with golf balls.
Twilight: Golf balls? LOOK OUT, SELENA!
Selena: OUCH! Ugh...right in the belly.
Apple Jack: Are the kids still OK?
Selena: Yeah, it just gave me a bruise.
Christopher: I'll go get an ice pack.
Rarity: CONKER!
Conker: Sorry, Rarity, I guess my shots are still a little stale.
Christopher: You could have killed my kids!
Banjo: Don't worry, we'll play somewhere else.
Back in Conker's castle
Courtney: I can't believe Conker left us. Berri, Bentley, we're going to capture Conker and get him to come back to us.
Berri and Bentley: RIGHT!
The next day
Emilie: *Sigh* What did they do this time. *Gasp* THEY RUINED MY FAVORITE MARIO POSTER!
Mario: By replacing me with Conker! Those jerks!
Twilight: That's graffiti!
Conker: Don't worry, we'll clean it.
John: What happened this time?
Emilie: Those Rareware jerks spray painted my Mario poster! We need to stop this friendship.
Pinkie Pie: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree. This friendship is like ketchup and ice cream. They don't mix well. WAH! LOOK OUT, EMILIE!
Courtney: It wasn't those traitors, it was me and Conker's girlfriend and my boyfriend. I'm Courtney Stern. This is Berri and Bentley. You brain washed Conker.
Sarah: We didn't brain wash him, we just wanted to make him and Banjo and Kazooie friends again.
Courtney: Oh, maybe we should team up to stop this friendship.
"This Friendship is Wrong"
Courtney: We got ourselves a problem here, guys. We need to band together. An alliance is the only way to make these friends fair whether.
Emilie: I think I've got a plan that if I'm right there might be hope. We'll send a letter to the three of them, calling each other a dope.
Mario and Camilla: Shhhh!
Mane 6: Keep it down, we need a remedy. Gotta have a plan, gotta make them enemies.
Luigi and Clyde: Shhhh!
Mane 6: This can't go on, this friendship is wrong. Gotta break them up and put them back where they belong.
Courtney: What if we throw a party in honor of Conker. And invite everyone but Banjo and Kazooie, man they'll feel like a fool.
Rainbow: That won't work. A contest is the key. If one of them cheats, then these pals are history.
John and Sarah: Shhhh!
Emilie and Courtney: Keep it down, we need a remedy. Gotta have a plan, gotta make them enemies.
Amanda and Danni: Shhhh!
Emilie and Courtney: This can't go on, this friendship is wrong. Gotta break them up and put them back where they belong.
Fluttershy: Here they come. Hey, guys.
Banjo: What's up?
Rainbow: We're hosting a Banjo-Tooie multiplayer mode competition tomorrow. Banjo and Kazooie against Conker.
Kazooie: Ooh! Sounds epic. We should practice, Banjo!
Banjo: Yeah, let's go.
Conker: Can't wait. (Thinking) And when I win, Kazooie will finally say "yes" to a date with me.
At the castle
Courtney: Conker! We need to talk! Why are you hanging with those two? I thought you hated them!
Conker: Oh, I guess you're foolish about my true plan, too. My real plan is to get Kazooie's attention in the competition so she'll finally say yes to a date.
Berri: But you, like, got me.
Conker: Well, when Kazooie says she'll date me, then I'm breaking up with you.
Rainbow: *Gasp*
Back at the house
Rainbow: He wants to steal Kazooie's heart in the competition tomorrow. So he might cheat.
Luigi: That potty mouthed jerk!
Rarity: If Conker cheats, he's is totally disqualified!
Sarah: You said it, Rarity.
Sweetie Belle: Cheaters are not allowed in this house.
The next day
Banjo: Alright, let's get started. Kazooie and I will take turns after the end of one minigame.
After the competiton
Conker: I DON'T CARE! Kazooie, now will you go out with me?
Kazooie: NO WAY! My answer is still no! You cheated in this competition! This friendship is over!
Twilight: Finally.
M and S Show Ep. 13: Conker Strikes Again
Sorry to those who love Conker's Bad Fur Day, I just don't like that game. The game is not my type. Especially the "Great Mighty Poo". That boss is the WORST. He song is just something only my dad would love. And Count Batula...he is a lot worse. I mean, throwing innocent people to feed the boss is dumb. And the sound of the villagers screaming freaks me out as if I were Fluttershy playing Five Nights at Freddy's 4, and it's the scariest game in the series.
Emilie: Alright, guys, you know the plan?
Kazooie: You do your best bat screech, Shammy will do her cat yowl, and Sonic will do his best evil laugh. And for the finale, Banjo and I will jump out with our best impression of Freddy Fazbear's scream.
Shammy: Alright, let's prank her.
Cynder: *Hums "This is Halloween"*
Emilie: *Screech, screech*
Cynder: Huh?
Shammy: *Yowl*
Cynder: Who's there?
Sonic: *Laughs evilly*
Cynder: *And puts up Emilie's decorations up fast* OK, Emilie, the decorations are up! I'm going to rest a while!
Emilie: What's wrong, Cynder? You look like you have seen a ghost.
Cynder: No, I heard a bat screech, a cat yowl and an evil laugh. What the heck is...
Banjo and Kazooie: *Both scream like Freddy Fazbear*
Cynder: *Screams*
Emilie: *Laughs* That was awesome, Banjo and Kazooie. That Cynder is always easy to scare every year.
Cynder: Banjo and Kazooie? Why did you guys scare me?
Kaela: That's the spirit of Halloween, mom.
Cynder: I thought it was to get candy.
Iris: No, that's the second spirit.
Emilie: Maybe she isn't fit to go to my Halloween party tonight.
Twilight Sparkle: Maybe we'll call her "Cynder the Scaredy Dragon" from now on.
Sarah: Happy Halloween, everyone. *Laughs like Skull Kid*
John: Hello, Scaredy Dragon? Ready for Emilie's Halloween party? Oh, I forgot, you are too scared to go.
Sarah: Scaredy dragon. *Laughs hard*
Cynder: I don't get it. Every Halloween no matter how hard I try, everyone scares me. Maybe Emilie and Twilight were right. Maybe I'm not fit to go to the party. Maybe I'll watch some episodes of GooseBumps. Ooh, the Haunted Mask. *Screams* Her actual head is on the broom!
Emilie: Cynder, calm down. The girl gets her head back in part two.
Cynder: How do you know?
Emilie: I saw this episode before. Anyway, if you want to be scary, you'll need a costume.
Spyro: Yeah make you scarier than you were years ago when we met.
Max: What do you mean, dad?
"Let's Make Cynder Scary"
Spyro: In the dragon realms once lurked a monster named Cynder. She was a monster who I thought was scary as heck. With a long nose, big claws, managing fangs and evil greens eyes. Her tail was as long as a big snake that could choke you. Let's make Cynder scary, let's make her super scary. Make her scary to our friends to make them scream until they blow. Her breath smelled like a burning forest and scared me bad. She had nine horns instead of six and she had a scythe as a tail end. I thought to myself "What the heck was that?" She strong hands and powerful moves more powerful than mine. It scared the meat out of me. Let's make Cynder scary, let's make her super scary. Make her scary to our friends until they scream until they blow. *Sings faster and faster*
Kaela, Iris, Max, Calvin, and Rose: *Screams*
Cynder: *Screams and jumps*
Kaela, Iris, Max, Calvin and Rose: *Laughs* Mom is a scaredy cat! Mom is a scaredy cat!
Cynder: Stop it!
Calvin: So how are we going to make mom scary?
Emilie: How about we give her a mask. Like the Banjo's Freddy Fazbear mask, Kazooie's Chica the Chicken Mask, and Sarah's fake Majora's Mask.
Spyro: Good idea. Maybe your topaz ring can help. Hey, Topaz!
Topaz: Yes, Spyro?
Spyro: We need a good mask for Cynder so we can make her scary.
Topaz: OK, how about this ghost mask? *Pulls out a ghost mask*
Cynder: Ooh, perfect. It's as scary as Tooty's mask. OK, thanks, Topaz.
Topaz: You're welcome, Cynder.
Emilie: Alright, let's scare our friends.
Iris: Ooh, there's Ali Rose, Alex, Alisha and Jamie. I know a good trick, why don't you jump in front of them.
Cynder: Good idea, Iris.
Ali Rose: So Diddy said "No! We can't give up! We've got to keep trying! This is our..." But he was cut off by the goomba who said "Hey keep it down over there? I'm trying to do nothing."
Alisha: *Laughs* Why would you need concentration to do nothing?
Alex: I know right? Oh, stachebros is one of the funniest YouTubers I know.
Jamie: Not as funny as SuperMarioLogan. I love the video, Bowser's Birthday, where Bowser forces his minions to give him birthday spankings.
Ali Rose: Yeah, spankings are wrong, but that was silly.
Ali Rose: Hi, Cynder, nice mask.
Alisha: Yeah, maybe you are fit to go to Emilie's party.
Cynder: Didn'r I even scare.
Jamie: No, not really.
Alex: No, not at all.
Ali Rose: I have seen Eggman naked on YouTube. Nothing else scares me.
Alisha: Me, either.
Cynder: Darn it!
Ali Rose: Why not scare someone else? The Mane Six are over there, why not scare them.
Cynder: OK. Let's go, guys.
Emilie: Alright, Cynder, there's Twilight, Apple Jack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Why not jump from above instead?
Cynder: Good idea. *Jumps to a near shelf*
Twilight: I can't believe all cartoons have Halloween specials. I think it's awesome.
Rarity: Luckily I got us ready with our own costumes. I feel proud of my princess costume.
Apple Jack: Yeah, it's cool. And I love my cow pony costume.
Fluttershy: I thought Halloween was scary, but now I think it's fun with Emilie around.
Cynder: *Jumps from the shelf* BOO!
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, hey, Cynder, what's up?
Cynder: Oh come on, I didn't scare you either?
Rarity: Nope, not me.
Apple Jack: Sorry, sugar cube.
Fluttershy: I get scared easily. But since I already know you, I wasn't scared either.
Pinkie Pie: I'm usually the one to surprise someone.
Twilight: No, I wasn't scared at all. But I know a way for you to scare someone else.
Cynder: Really? What?
Twilight: My best imitation of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. *Does the laugh*
Cynder: *Screams and runs off*
Emilie: Cynder, you have to keep trying.
Cynder: Actually, Twilight's laugh gave me an idea. But I'll need you guys to help.
Spyro: Um...OK.
Emilie: OK, Cynder, get ready. What is that mask?
Cynder: It's a fake haunted mask, like the one in GooseBumps. It will work perfectly. Get ready when I give the signal.
Spyro: Alright. Let's go, Em.
Jigglypuff: Wow, Emilie did an awesome job on the decorations.
Ashley: Speaking of her, where is she?
Yoshi: Maybe she went to get some candy at the store. After all, we can eat, not like in Mariofan96's videos.
Banjo: Still, his videos are really good no matter what.
Cynder: OK, Emilie, kill the lights.
The lights turn off
Jamie: Hey! What happened?
Jigglylou: Why are the lights out?
Jamie: Wait, I have flashlight. OK, is everyone here?
Cynder: *Moans* I need paper, plastic and stuffing.
Amy: *Screams* GHOST!
Elise: Get away from us!
Mario: Don't eat me! I'm too young to die!
Emilie: *Laughs* I can't believe you fell for that.
Everyone: EMILIE!
Elise: I can't believe I fell for the old fake haunted mask trick again.
Fluttershy: Wow, that was amazing, Cynder.
Sonic: Yeah, great job.
Keesha: This calls for a celebration for during Emilie's party.
Emilie: Yeah, let's sing "This is Halloween"!
Pinkie Pie: YEAH!
Sings "This is Halloween"
M and S Show Ep. 12: Halloween Special
I was originally going to have Freddy Fazbear appear in this special but the characters in FNAF gave me nightmares
Cynder: So then Sonic used his spin dash on the real Bowser and as he did it, Bowser said "I-I-I-I l-l-l-like th-th-th-this".
Spyro: And the Bowser clone said the same thing. Then I used my head bash, Peach used her bash attack and Knuckles used his gliding punch.
Kaela: *Laughs* That's funny. Especially when the real Bowser said "I like this".
Iris: *Chuckles* OK, that's enough of the funny stuff. What do you want to do now?
Max: How about we sing our favorite songs together?
Spyro: Good idea. Let's take turns. I'll go first. How about "Lightning Bolt"?
Calvin: Yeah, that's good one.
But as the dragons were singing, Ember was spying on them.
Ember: Ugh...why did Spyro pick Cynder over me? I should have been the mother of his children. My latest plan better work. Heh heh heh. *Trips and her tail gets caught in the Wii's disk drive* AUGGGGHHHH! SPYRO! CYNDER! KAELA! IRIS! MAX! CALVIN! ROSE! HELP ME!
Kaela: You gotta know you'll never let her go.
Cynder: She's lightning...whoa!
Iris: Auntie Ember? What the heck are you doing here?
Ember: I was about to set my latest plan for your dad into action until I realized that Cynder actually cares about me. From now on, I, Ember the Dragon, shall protect your mother from danger.
Rose: What? But you never cared for mom. You were mad at her ever since she laid our eggs.
Ember: Well, I have changed my ways and shall help Cynder.
With the banshees
Blense: Why would that love struck dragon do this? Is she up to something to hurt us? Well, there is one banshee girl who can't fall for a plan.
Ense: And who is that?
Blense: ME, YOU FOOL! ME! ME! ME! *Echoes*
"No One's Going to Make a Monkey Out of Me"
Blense: They think I'm so dumb, so idiotic. They think I am so foolish. Ember and Cynder the Dragon working together. I smell a scam. How naïve do they think I am? No one's going to make a monkey out of me. No gets this diabolical sipping tea. I'm the rightful banshee sprite ruler. No one's going to make a monkey out of me. Yes, I have been attacked by Paulina Hernandez and her "handsome" boyfriend, Marco Williams. But I never feel foolish with their dumb attacks. This could be their doing. How much of a fool do they think I am? I'm hearing voices in my head! Well, I came up with the best plans a banshee can come up with. I'll make Ember return to her hatred in Cynder routine. No one's going to make a monkey out of me. No one gets this diabolical sipping tea. I'm the rightful banshee sprite ruler as anyone can see. No one's going to make a monkey out of me.
End of song
Blense: And you three better remember that. Understood?
Pense: My head hurts.
With Cynder, Amy, Rouge, Shammy, Ashley, Paulina and Marco
Amy: So Ember wants to be your bodyguard? She never even planned anything that weird.
Ashley: Maybe it's another trick to get Spyro's attention.
Ember: Hey, Cynder, you're going to get hurt if you stay on the ledge like that! Here, come fly with me!
Cynder: Doesn't sound like a plan to me. Gotta roll.
Shammy: Hey! Wait! What about...US! (Falls and lands on Carol's head)
Carol: Uh...a hero landed on me.
Pense: Get out of the way, ribbon girl! We're investigating a problem! (Walks away with his teammates)
Rouge: Who were those creeps?
Paulina: Those were banshee sprites, me and Marco's arch enemies. They cause mischief wherever they go. What could they possibly plan this time?
With the banshees
Blense: So, let me get this straight...YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT LOVE STRUCK DRAGON IS UP TO, DO YOU?
Ense, Pense and Carol: *Nods*
Blense: Ugh...we need Ember to hate Cynder so much she'll want to kill her. If Cynder is dead, we'll scream and bring more energy inside us! Now bring me Ember so we can get her to hate Cynder again! And don't come back until you have her!
Back with the heroes
Shammy: I can't believe you left us in the TV stand. You left us with four banshees.
Cynder: Sorry, guys, I guess I got carried away from this "protection from Ember" thing. Can you forgive me?
Ashley: Oh sure, I've dealt with it before.
Shammy: Yeah.
Jigglylou: *Pant, pant* Have any of you seen my pet crab?
Jigglypuff: Not at all, cuz, but I'll help.
Selena: Yeah, Christopher and I will help, too.
Jigglylou: But you're three months pregnant.
Christopher: It's OK. Female half fairies can handle pregnancy symptoms. Let's go, guys.
Spyro: Well, now that we're alone, how about a kiss.
Cynder: OK, let's do it.
The two were about to kiss when Ember came by.
Ember: CYNDER NO! I have saved you.
Cynder: Saved me? From what?
Ember: Germs.
Spyro: I don't have germs.
Ember: Don't thank me, it's part of my job.
With Amanda, DK, Danni and Diddy
Amanda: Why would someone like Ember help you? She hates you.
Danni: She hated you even before you laid your kids' eggs.
Cynder: I know. But she thinks it's a way to return the favor of saving her from the Wii's disc drive before it sucked her in.
DK: Why would she think you cared so much.
Ember: NOOOO! Get away from that charger! You'll get electrocuted!
Cynder: Ember, I handled this charger ever since I moved in!
Ember: AUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Man, I can't believe how much danger you get into, Cynder. I guess I'll have no choice but to...look after 24/7.
Diddy: Looks like we made it worse.
Ember: G-g-g-GHOSTS! (Runs off screaming)
Cynder: I'll take care of them. (Activates Emilie's traps)
The ghosts were hit by all the traps and ended up falling towards the floor.
The next day
Ember: And that's why that I decided that for the rest of my life...
Banjo: Enough of the speech, Ember, you're making us... *Yawn* sleepy.
Ember: Sorry, back to my point. Where's Cynder?
Kazooie: We haven't seen her all day. Maybe she went outside.
Ember: WHAT? That's where bugs are! I can't let bugs drink her blood. I'll go find her. OH, CYNDER!
Cynder: Is she gone?
Sarah: Yeah. This is getting crazy. Probably crazier than how she feels about Spyro.
Spyro: What do we do now?
John: We'll help. We have the right stuff to pull tricks on anyone as foolish as Ember.
"Stop Ember's Craziness"
Banjo: That girl has gone crazy, we've got to stop her.
Kazooie: She might get killed with all this protection.
John: She may be crazy when around Spyro, that doesn't mean we don't care for her.
Sarah: She'll always be our friend, no matter how crazy her plans are.
Banjo, Kazooie, John and Sarah: She's a crazy girl, crazy as can be. Let's stop Ember's craziness.
Banjo: Nothing make any sense. Ember hated Cynder since Spyro chose Cynder to be his mate.
Kazooie: All we gotta do is make her think she and Cynder are even.
John: But what will make the two dragons to be even?
Sarah: It has to be something dangerous.
Banjo, Kazooie, John and Sarah: THAT'S IT!
End of song
Kazooie: There's one thing Ember hates next to Spyro and Cynder being a couple: Getting hit by a ghost.
Cynder: Yeah! Good one! Blense, Ense, Pense and Carol should be the perfect ghosts to make Ember snap and return to her usual routine.
In Emilie's backyard
Elise: Alright, guys, all we got to do is pile these CD cases on Cynder and hopefully the banshee sprites will hit the CDs and they will hit Ember.
Emilie: Good thinking. Oh, here she comes. Call her, Kazooie, we'll hide under the table over here.
Kazooie: OK, it's time to set things back to normal.
Ense: Alright, guys, let's get those dumb heroes.
Ember: Cynder, get back inside! WHOA! GHOSTS!
Ense flew by but she was totally out of control.
Ember: Germs, electricity, bugs, out of control ghosts? I can't believe how much trouble you get into, Cynder the Dragon.
Paulina: Does that mean you'll finally leave Cynder alone?
Ember: Nothing of the sort. From now on, I'll watch Cynder every single...second. Where'd you go? CYNDER! Now where did she run off to? OH, CYNDER!
Pense: There she is, Carol, pull the trap.
Carol: Yes, Pense.
Then Carol pulled a switch which made a box drop on Ember, trapping her inside.
Ember: Who turned out the lights?
Pense: Let's get her to Blense.
At the banshees' fortress
Blense: Well, well, well, if it isn't Ember the Dragon, the dragon girl who is mad at the lovely Cynder the Dragon for being chosen as Spyro's mate.
Ember: H-how do you know me? Who are you?
Blense: I am Blense, the leader and Queen of the Banshee Sprites. And we watched you from afar, that's how we know you. We want to know what you're up to.
Ember: I'm not up to anything. I'm just trying to help Cynder.
Blense: If you don't tell us the truth, you'll end being one of us. (Opens a door with a device) This device will take your soul and turn it into a banshee sprite like us.
Ember: Um...O-OK. Can I say a few last words first?
Blense: *Sigh* Fine, go ahead.
Ember: OK. *Clears throat* Yeah, yeah, hey, hey. Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. When something's dark let me shed a little light on it. When something's cold, let me put a little fire on it. When something's old I wanna put a little shine on it. When something's gone, I want to fight it back again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, fight to get it back again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Back in the bedroom
Iris: *Chuckles* Good thinking, Kazooie. When Aunt Ember sees this, she'll realize protecting mom is bad for her health.
Kazooie: Indeed. It's like Cynder's really out of control thanks to my control powered rocket wings.
Cynder: Man, at this rate, Ember will finally leave me alone. But where is she anyway? (Looks at her back) Aw, it's Jigglylou's pet crab. He's so cute bitting those wires. it bad? Uh oh. HELP! MY WINGS ARE OUT OF CONTROL!
Sally: Wow, now listen to her. It really sounds like she's in danger.
Jack: But do you think you could take it easy, Kazooie? those stunts Cynder is doing looks very dangerous.
Kazooie: No problem, guys. Wait...I'm not controlling wings.
Jack, Sally, Camilla, Mario, Luigi, Clyde, Peach, Daisy, Pat and Lily: YOU MEAN CYNDER IS REALLY OUT OF CONTROL!
Kazooie: It's okay, the control has an emergency landing just for occasions like this.
Kazooie activated the emergency land which got Cynder safely to shore.
Cynder: Thanks, Kazooie, but why didn't Ember come to rescue me?
Spyro: That's weird. Where can she be?
Paulina: The banshee sprites must have taken her away. Let's go find them.
Back in the fortress
Ember: Yeah, yeah, yeah, fight to get back again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ember: One more time you two.
Ember, Pense and Carol: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, fight to get it...
Blense: SHUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUP! (Echoes) That's it, you're going into the machine!
Emilie: Not when we're around!
Ember: EMILIE!
Spyro: Release Ember this instant and you won't get hurt!
Blense: NEVER! She is about to be my new minion.
Banjo: And watch out for the crab.
Ember: Perfect, let's get out of here.
Back in the bedroom
Ember: Well, there's a life lesson to this: I should never protect you. It's bad for my health. So I guess we're even.
Cynder: I guess so. See ya, Ember.
Ember: Yeah, maybe it's best that we be friends. (Heads to her side of the bed)
Ali Rose: He's being a new friend to Ember.
The M and S Show Ep. 11: Ember the Helper
An episode inspired by the DKCTV episode, Get a Life, Don't Save One. I love King K. Rool's song, "No One's Going to Make a Monkey Out of Me", especially the quote, "No one gets this diabolical sipping tea".
Good news, followers. Remember my story, Paper Mario and Sonic? Where Mario and Sonic team up to save Peach and Elise from Armano, King of the Armanks? Well, I'm hoping to do my first YouTube short film based on that story. It will be a plush video, like in the Mario and Sonic Show. I'm hoping to do it after the New Year because Christmas and Thanksgiving will be super busy. We get busy during holidays. Plus this month is National Novel Writing Month, (or NaNoWriMo for short) so I'm busy writing my novel. But don't worry, I won't be so busy I can't do my stories and art here or make videos on YouTube. In fact time on my computer this month is perfect to catch up on my videos. I'll even make a video for the anniversary of the first episode of the Mario and Sonic Show. What it will be? And what song am I adding? It will be a surprise.
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Emilie Michaela Vance
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I was born in Auburn, Washington and am part Irish part English. My family and I both love the rock band, Pearl Jam. I'm also the creative one in my family but also my brother who loves to create poems.
My fave singers include Eddie Vedder, Amy Lee, Johnny Gioelli (of Crush 40), Victoria Justice and Lacey Sturm.
Fave actors include Eric Roberts, Hugh Laurie, Jim Parsons, Roger Craig Smith, Leon Thomas III, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Jim Cummings, Tom Kenny, and Jason Griffith.
Fave actresses include Kate Higgins, Victoria Justice, Liz Gillies, Amy Palant, Lacey Chabert, Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, and Ciara Bravo.
Loves: Music, acting, video games, family, dancing, making friends, TV shows, comedy, singing, swimming, time by myself, art, reading and shopping.
Hates: Threats on my art, people hating something I like (except friends of course), failing classes, getting grounded, raw onions (unless sweet), someone telling me I can't do it in a rude way, my brother ranting and yelling, and gross bugs like spiders (not afraid of them).
Fave TV Shows: SpongeBob Squarepants, Victorious, Entourage, Sonic X, The Big Bang Theory, Danny Phantom, That 70s Show, Family Guy, Super Mario World (have a DVD of the whole series), CatDog and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Fave kinds of music: Rock like hard and classic and soundtrack
Fave bands: System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Evanescence, Crush 40 and Flyleaf.
Fave songs: "Suite Pee", (System of a Down) "Black", (Pearl Jam) "My Immortal" (Evanescence) "His World" (Crush 40) and "I'm So Sick" (Flyleaf)
Fave movies: Pearl Jam 20, Into the Wild, Super Mario Bros. (a tiny bit), Titanic, The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, The Land Before Time 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12.
Fave quote: "Didn't have to ask you just took my hand. Off we went skipping throughout the land. The sky was blue and the blood filed my head. You and me skipping throughout the land." Eddie Vedder song: "Skipping"
Fave games: Sonic 06 (dodges knife from hater), Sonic Unleashed, all Mario and Sonic games, all Mario Party games (except DS), Super Mario 64, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic and the Black Knight, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, the entire Sonic Riders series and Sonic Generations
Do I take requests?: Yes I do
Couples I support: JackXSally, LockXShock, SonicXElise, SonicXAmy, SonicXBlaze, ShadowXRouge, ShadowXMaria, KnucklesXRouge, KnucklesXTikal, SilverXBlaze, TailsXCosmo, TailsXCream
Couples I DON'T support: Gay Couples (Even though I believe in gay rights)

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