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Bumper Bubbles by LilacPhoenix

This is the best picture I found of Elise and Sonic's friends together. My dream is to see a Sonic game like this. I love the first Mar...



The next day, Sonic was standing on the balcony in sadness. He was happy that he won Elise's heart, but he wasn't ready to be king yet, all because of a terrible lie. Sonic went back inside until Shahra came out of the lamp.
"Huzzah! Hail the conquering hero!" Shahra said, and turned into a one woman band. But she saw Sonic just walking away, making her stop. Then she approached Sonic, acting like a director but Sonic just looked at her and went into the bed.
"Psst, your line is 'I'm going to free the genie. Anytime," Shahra whispered, holding a script labeled "Aladdin (Sonic Style)".
"Shahra, I can't," Sonic said, sadly.
"Sure you can. Just go 'Shahra, I wish you free'," Shahra said, using Sonic like a ventriloquist dummy.
"I'm serious. Look, I'm sorry...I really am," Sonic said. "But they want me to be! They want Prince Sonny king. Without you, I'm just Sonic."
"Son, you won," Shahra said.
"Because of you! The only reason anyone thinks I'm anything is because of you," Sonic said. "What if they find out I'm not a prince? What if Elise finds out? I'll lose her. Shahra, I can't keep this up on my own. I can't wish you free."
"Hey, I understand. After all, you lied to everyone else," Shahra said, feeling hurt. "I was beginning to feel left out. Now if you'll excuse me, master." Then she went back into the lamp. Sonic tried to apologize, but Shahra just stuck her tongue out. Sonic was so mad he threw the lamp into the pillow, leaving Cheese and the carpet shocked. Sonic yelled at them but he realized his mistake when Cheese and the carpet walked away.
"What am I doing? Shahra is right, I gotta tell Elise the truth," Sonic said.
"Sonny! Oh, Sonny, will you come here?" Elise's voice said.
"Well, here goes," Sonic said, not knowing that it was actually Jet, imitating Elise and dressed as a flamingo. "Elise? Where are you?"
"Ahem! On the menagerie, hurry," Jet said, imitating Elise. So Sonic went to find Elise while Jet laughed. But a male flamingo mistook him for a female flamingo for the way he talked. So Jet knocked the bird over and went to get the lamp.
"Boy, Eggman's gonna be happy to see you," Jet said and imitated Eggman. "Excellent work, Jet. Ah go on. No really on a scale of one to ten, you are an eleven. Ah, Eggman, you're too kind. I'm embarrassed, I'm blushing."

At the balcony of the castle, Hector stood there while everyone in Mobobah stood before him.
"Citizens of Mobobah, my daughter has finally chosen a suitor!" Hector said.
"Elise?" Sonic said from behind the curtain behind Hector.
"Sonny, where have you been?" Elise asked.
"There's something I've got to tell you," Sonic said.
"The whole kingdom has turned out for father's announcement," Elise said.
"No! But, Elise, listen to me, please!" Sonic said.
"Good luck!" Elise said and pushed Sonic out of the curtain. When Hector revealed who the suitor the crowd began to cheer but it left Sonic nervous. With Eggman and Jet, they were watching Hector reveal Elise's suitor. Then Eggman rubbed the lamp. Shahra had her back turned to Eggman.
"You know, Son, I'm getting reallyyyyyy..." Shahra said but turned to see Eggman. "I don't think you're him. Tonight, the role of Son will be played by a tall, dark, round and sinister ugly man."
"I'm you're master now!" Eggman said, putting his hand close to Shahra's face.
"I was afraid of that," Shahra said over Eggman's hand.
"Genie, grant me my first wish. I wish to rule high, as king!" Eggman said. Suddenly a dark cloud appeared in the sky and the ground started to shake. The roof of the balcony was ripped off but Sonic and Hector were able to dodge the pieces of the roof. Then Hector's crown flew in the air. He tried to keep it on but both the crown and his clothes were given to Eggman, who came out of nowhere.
"Eggman, you vile betrayer!" Hector said.
"That's King Vile Betrayer to you!" Jet said.
"We'll see about..." Sonic said but saw Shahra's lamp in Eggman's possession. "The lamp!"
"Finder's keepers, Porcupine!" Eggman said. Then Cheese and the carpet saw Shahra, lifting up the palace and walking away. So the two went to chase Shahra down. Sonic tried to get Shahra to stop, but now that Eggman is her master, he can't be stopped. Then Eggman wished to Shahra that he was the most powerful wizard in the world. Eggman was back in his clothes but turned into a more ugly and fatter version of himself with a red band. He used the band to force Elise and Hector to bow to him. Then Chocola came to Eggman and attacked him, but Eggman turned Chocola into a chao hatchling.
"Oh, princess, there's someone I'm DYING to introduce you to," Eggman said.
"Eggman! Get your hands off her!" Sonic yelled. He spin dashed off carpet to hit Eggman. Then he turned Sonic and began to sing.
"Prince Sonny,
Yes it is he,
But not as you know him
Read my lips and come to grips
With reality
Yes meet a blast from your past
Whose lies were too good to last
Say hello to your precious Prince Sonny!"
Eggman zapped Sonic, which returned Sonic to his normal self.
"Or should we say, Sonic," Eggman said.
"Sonny! I don't understand!" Elise replied.
"Elise, I tried to tell you," Sonic said, sadly.
"So Sonny turns out to be Sonic
Just a con,
Need I go on,
Take it from me,
His personality flaws
Give me adequate jaws
To send him packing on a one way trip
So his prospects take a terminal dip
His assets frozen, the venue chosen
Is the ends of the earth, WHOOPEE!
So long,
Then Eggman laughed evilly as the tower Sonic, Cheese and carpet were on broke off and flew in the air and Elise and Hector cowered in fear.

With Sonic, the tower fell in a snowy wasteland and Sonic fell out of the tower into the snow. Sonic looked around for Cheese and carpet. Then he saw a pile of snow moving.
"Cheese! Cheese!" Sonic called, digging up the pile to reveal a really cold Cheese.
"C-c-c-chao c-c-c-c-c-chao!" Cheese relied, shivering.
"Oh, it's all my fault! I should have freed Shahra when I had the chance," Sonic said. Then he spotted carpet but it was stuck. So Sonic pulled it until it was finally out of the pillar but the pillar began rolling again. Sonic tried to run but there was a cliff. So Sonic got in the window and it fell into the abyss.
"CHAO! CHAO!" Cheese replied as he and Sonic jumped onto the magic carpet.
"Now back to Mobobah! Let's go!" Sonic said.
Aladdin (Sonic Style) Part 6
I always loved how the genie used Aladdin like a ventriloquist dummy in the movie and made him say "Genie, I wish you free". That part always made me laugh as a kid.
Back at the temple, I told the guardians what happened back in Part Forge.
"It's my fault...I failed Ivan when he needed me most," I said. "It's just that the sight of Christopher so close...just...just..."
"Made your heart stop? Put ice on your veins?" Sindy asked. "Scared the crud out of you?"
"Something like that," I said.
"All warriors feel fear at one time or another, Selena," Tara said. "There is no shame in that."
"Yes, it's proven scientifically fact that the quotient between adrenaline and trepidation..." Victor said.
"Victor please, I believe our sister in-law was trying to make a point," Crystal said.
"Thank you, Crystal," Tara said. "What I was going to say was that all warriors feel fear, Selena, but only the most valiant among us can face that fear...and master it. From what I saw of you on Part Forge you are one such warrior. Young half fairy, now is the time to complete your is the time to face your fear." So I did the rest of my earth training with Tara. After the training, Tara said Christopher will begin his final preparations in his lair, where he lives in solitude among the clouds and towers. That must be where Ivan could be held. But the guardians couldn't go because it was my time to be a hero of this generation. Christopher's lair is where hope goes to die. It was a dark, foreboding place in which Christopher broods and skulks and plans his next assault. I must make my way to Christopher's fortress and find Ivan before it's too late. When we reached Christopher's tower, Christopher passed by and hit Sindy. Finally we reached Ivan's location.
"Um...Selena..." Sindy said.
"What?" I asked.
"I don't like feels like he's baiting us," Sindy said. "I'm getting smarter." Unbeknownst to us, Christopher was just above our location. We spotted Ivan, who told me to destroy the crystal quickly. But before I could, Christopher stopped me.
"If it only it were that easy, little one," Christopher said in a flirty tone.
"S-s-s-s-So b-b-b-big," Sindy stuttered.
"Time you learned how hard life can be," Christopher said. Ivan told me to leave and save myself. But I refused because I wanted to stop Christopher's madness. So we began the battle. But after the battle, Christopher chuckled.
"It is so sad it must end this way," Christopher said and attacked me. "Now, where was I?" Then he took away the crystal and flew away. When Ivan recovered, he came to me.
"There was something in his eyes, Ivan...something familiar," I said.
"There should be, Selena," Ivan said. "You and Christopher show more than you know. I think it's time I told you the truth...all of it. You see, after I took your bundle to the Quarter River, I returned to the Grotto to find utter chaos. The other guardians have been overrun, and all the other bundles had been smashed by the Dark Fairy Master's forces...all except see, the Dark Fairy Master was torn. He wanted to destroy all the bundles to prevent the birth of the purple half fairy...but he also needed a half fairy."
"Why would he need a half fairy?" I asked.
"Because, Selena, only one born in the Year of the Half Fairy could open the portal that served as the Dark Fairy Master's prison," Ivan said.
"Christopher?" I asked.
"I'm afraid so," Ivan said.
"But if we come from the same place, why is he so..." I asked.
"Evil? Monstrous? Big? Sexy? Oops, did I just say that?" Sindy asked. The reason was because Christopher had been corrupted by the Dark Fairy Master's poisonous powers, twisted by his lore. He has become the Dark Fairy Master's monster.
"But why? What does the Dark Fairy Master want?" I asked.
"He wants to be freed from the portal of Half Convexity to wreak havoc across the realms," Ivan said. "And if Christopher gets there, he might succeed." But then a portal appeared in the sky! Ivan said it was too late. Christopher is ready to free the Dark Fairy Master. But I refused to give up, I have to stop Christopher before he frees the Dark Fairy Master. Ivan agreed because I must try, and if the Dark Fairy Master is free, a shadow will appear in the realm. So I jumped up and flew to the portal. Half Convexity acts as an airlock between the half fairy realm and the dark realms beyond. I must stop Christopher before he inserts the final crystal and activates the portal, freeing the Dark Fairy Master. We spotted the dark half fairy and flew to him. He was inserting the last crystal!
"My master returns," Christopher said.
"Oh no! We're too late!" I said.
"Hm! Persistent little fella, aren't you?" Christopher said. "This is where it really ends."
"Bring it," I said.
"No mercy this time," Christopher said. So I fought Christopher using all the breaths I got. As the finale, I attacked Christopher with Convexity breath. It turned Christopher into a young half fairy, just about my age.
"He is just like me," I said as the Dark Fairy Master's prison imploded.
"Dude, we got to get out of here...NOW!" I said.
"I can't leave him behind. I've got to save him," I said.
"What? Save the beast that tried to kill us?" Sindy asked.
"It wasn't his fault. He was being used by the Dark Fairy Master," I said. So I went into the portal to the Dark Fairy Master's prison to save Christopher. I got out safely while holding Christopher bridal style. So we flew out of Half Convexity back to the Half Fairy Realm.

Back in the Half Fairy Temple, I was weakened from the battle. Because of this, I can't turn back into my fairy form. Ivan said it will take time until my powers come back. Then Sindy began to rant and rave about the journey. That night, I was outside on the balcony, looking at the stars. Then Christopher came to me.
"See anything, Selena?" Christopher asked.
"No. But I got a bad feeling," I said.
"Me, too," Christopher said. Then he held my hand, making me blush. Deep down, I was beginning to develop feelings for Christopher. He is so handsome with his raven black hair, green eyes and amazing fairy form.
The Legend of Selena: The Great Beginning Part 4
Well, that's finally done. Now onto the Eternal Half Night. If this were a movie or game, I think this cast would be cool.
Ciara Bravo from Big Time Rush as Selena because her voice sounds perfect for a girl determined to save her world from an evil monster created by an even bigger monster
Janette McCurdy from iCarly as Sindy because Sam (Janette's character) is as sarcastic as Sindy
Johnny Depp from Corpse Bride, etc. as Ivan because his voice ALMOST sounds like Gary Oldman (who did Ignitus in the Legend of Spyro series), only deeper
Will Farrell from Megamind as Victor because Will seems like the perfect guy to voice a man who talks to much
Victoria Justice from Victorious as Crystal because Victoria always sounds like a woman with a sophisticated manner
Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games as Tara because Jennifer really did a good job acting like a true warrior as Katniss Everdeen
Jack Griffo from the Thundermans as Christopher because Jack really has a really good voice for a boy who started off evil but then good
Attention followers, there is a big sicko on the loose. He plans to look at your art and then do a hentai version. Want hentai in your characters? If not, spread the word.
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Jigglylou: Theodore! Oh, Theodore! Where are you, Theodore?
Jigglylou: Teddy?
Jigglypuff: Since when did I look like a pet lobster?
Jigglylou: Did you find him, cuz?
Jigglypuff: Nada, Lulu. I looked everywhere.
Pac-Man: Sorry, Jigglylou, looks like your pet lobster's run off.
Jigglylou: But I loved him and took real good care of him.
Kaela: And you didn't feed him either. *Chuckles*
Paulina: Don't sweat it, Jigglylou, we'll get you another pet.
Jigglylou: I don't want another pet, Paulina. Not ever. He'll just run off like Teddy.
Shammy: Aw, I have never seen your cousin so down in the dumps, Jigglypuff.
Jigglypuff: You can say that again, Shammy.
With Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde
Blinky: A simple question, Inky.
Inky: Uh-huh?
Blinky: How long have I been after Pac-Man?
Inky: long as I can remember.
Blinky: Hm. And how long is that, Inky?
Inky: Uh...I can't remember?
Blinky: A long time, Inky. Now...TIME IS UP! I better get him or you'll get it! Get it? I don't want to hear one "oops", "whoops" or "uh-oh".
Inky: No problem, Blinky. I'll use this.
Blinky: A Nintendo 3DS?
Inky: An exploding Nintendo 3DS. We just place this at Emilie's house...
Blinky: Inky?
Inky: And we open it and...
Blinky: INKY! Did you just detonate the 3DS?
Inky: Oops. Whoops. And uh-oh.
Pinky: YOU IDIOT! You are finished!
Blinky: Gone!
Clyde: Out of here!
Inky: You want me to...leave?
Blinky: We want you to get out of our faces! Specifically, Inky, you are...deghostified.
Inky: *Gasp* But, Inky, serving you. It's my life. Where will I go?
Pinky: That is nothing of our concern! You shall never be part of the ghost monsters AGAIN! You are exiled forever.
Inky: *Groans and faints*
Inky woke up see that all the ghosts had their backs turned to Inky except Clyde.
Blinky and Pinky: CLYDE!
Clyde turns away making Inky cry. Meanwhile, outside Emilie's house, Jigglylou was still looking for her lobster until she heard crying.
Inky: *Sob, sob* Hey! Quit spying on me!
Jigglylou: I wasn't spying! I...well, is something wrong?
Inky: Ahem! No, nothing is the matter. Everything is a-o...kay! *Cries again*
Jigglylou: But it sounded like...
Inky: Like my evil ghost monsters days are? That's is! *Cries*
"I Haven't Got a Friend"
Inky: Don't ever get a look at me. A pile of goo is me. I am not a ghost monster anymore and I haven't got a friend in the world. I know my life has failed, I know my ship has sailed. Nothing but a plank, I know my ship has sank. And I haven't got a friend in the world. *Sob, cry* I'm a worthless, giant pile of nothing. A pile of goo with eyes and I haven't got a friend in the world. No. *Sob* I haven't got a friend in the world. *Cry*
End of song
Jigglylou: Yes you do, Mr. Inky.
Back inside
Jigglylou: Can I keep him?
Emilie, Sonic, Elise, Mario, Luigi, Camilla and Clyde: INKY!
Jigglylou: Blinky, Pinky and Clyde kicked him out and he has no friends and nowhere to go and...
Inky: I'm very helpful, faithful and I don't eat much...uh, yeah I can diet. But I'm already house trained.
Clyde: Inky's not a pet, Jigglylou.
Jigglylou: Inky's promised to change his ghostly ways and turn over a new leaf.
Elise: Come on, Lulu, ghosts prefer to scare people and try to kill Pac-Man not live with heroes. Right, Sonic?
Sonic: Well...
Inky: I promise to help you guys no matter what.
Emilie: What about my magic blue topaz?
Inky: I swear by my real body I will keep it safe from harm.
Sonic: Give him a shot, Emilie.
Jigglylou: Oh pleeeeeeeeeease?
Inky: Oh pleeeeeeeeeease?
Emilie: Alright.
Inky: *Sniffle* My new family. I swear not to cause any mischief. *Falls off Emilie's bed* DON'Y WORRY ABOUT ME! I'M FINE!
Jigglylou: I'M COMING, MR. INKY!
Mario: Now all we have to do is find where where blue boy is going to stay.
Emilie: Hm...the only space I know is between Inky's ears. Then again... (Stares at Sonic)
Sonic: Not my part of the bed. Come on, I was trying to cheer Jigglylou up.
Luigi: Just make sure he doesn't take off those gloves. *Laughs*
Sonic: Very funny.
Back with Blinky, Pinky and Clyde
Blinky: OK, Clyde, are you ready for your new job?
Clyde: But I haven't done anything.
Pinky: *Sigh* I knew this was...oh, dear me, a 3DS! But is it an exploding 3DS or not? (Stares at Clyde)
Blinky: Maybe you can help us with this dilemma, Clyde.
Clyde: I can that. Uh-huh.
Clyde: It's an exploding 3DS alright.
Pinky: need more to learn. Oh look, another 3DS.
The next day
Emilie, Shammy and Ashley collided
Inky: Morning, new family. It's a lovely day, the sun's shinning and breakfast will be ready in o'seven hundred hours. (Falls off Emilie's deck)
Jigglylou: Hey, where's Mr. Inky?
Ashley: You mean the rooster with a blue belly?
Ashley: Well, it could have been worse. He would have broken the gnomes.
In the basement
Blinky: Where are we going, Clyde? Are you going to show us something that can stop Pac-Man and the heroes?
Clyde: No. I just want to drive the cart. Zoom! Zoom!
Pinky: We are evil ghosts, Clyde. There's more to evil than just "zoom! Zoom!" Do you have a plan? A thought? A brain blemish? Think of anything! LEFT, CLYDE! LEFT! We have to go back to the lair!
Clyde: Left?
Blinky and Pinky: Right.
Clyde: Right.
Blinky and Pinky: NO! WE MEAN...
Blinky and Pinky: You idiot!
Iris: Hey, dad, look. Inky's playing around with Emilie's traps.
Spyro: Hey, what are you doing?
Inky: Just doing a spit shine on Miss Vance's levers.
Max: Well, that is going to surprise me, dad.
Calvin: Oh, here she comes now.
Inky: This is really gonna get little rock band lover to trust me. (Leans on a lever and accidentally pulled it)
Emilie launches in the air
Inky: Uh...I guess I'll go start making lunch. (Falls off Emilie's bed again)
Jigglylou: I'll be right down, Mr. Inky.
Kaela: I know, Jigglylou, he was only trying to help.
Rose: Tell that to Emilie. When she comes back out of orbit.
Back with Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde
Clyde: Then we set it on fire. Then we chop down the tree. And then we bring out big, nasty animals. Yeah. And great, big bugs until there's little pieces. Then we sprinkle it around.
Clyde: Heroes?
Blinky: Ugh. What are we going to do without that useless, non-ghost?
Clyde: Uh...he's living with the heroes.
Blinky and Pinky: THE HEROES?
Clyde: Uh-huh, that's what the spies said.
Blinky: *Chuckles* He's living with the heroes. *Laughs*
Blinky and Pinky: *Laughs some more*
Blinky: Brilliant. We'll get that non-ghost to betray the heroes.
Pinky: And he'll steal Emilie's magic blue topaz ring and we'll have the power to defeat Pac-Man and his family.
At Sonic's space on the bed
Jigglylou: The elevator to Emilie's bed hasn't been working right, Mr. Inky.
Inky: Well, with a little hammer, I'll have it fixed in a jiffy.
Jigglylou: I'm sure glad you're trying be like everyone everyone else.
Inky: Well, this may be crazy but I think everyone is starting me. Let me tell you something, Lulu, but I never had friends before.
Jigglylou: Hey, here comes Sonic and Elise. HEY, SONIC AND ELISE! Take a look at what Inky did to the elevator.
Inky hit the up switch but the elevator kept going up and down rapidly.
Later that night
Pac-Man: Inky almost turned you two into a milkshake.
Emilie: Almost sent me to the moon. And don't forget the fugal.
Sonic, Elise, Pac-Man and Amy: *Groans* The fugal.
Sonic: So, what do you think?
Elise, Amy, and Spyro: INKY DOESN'T BELONG HERE!
Cynder: We tried, Sonic. It didn't work.
Sonic: I'll tell him in the morning. It's better to tell him than Jigglylou.
Unbeknownst to the heroes, Inky heard everything and sadly walked away and almost fell.
Inky: Well, that was close. But that will be the last time. *Sobs, cries*
The next morning
Jigglylou: Where are you going, Mr. Inky?
Inky: I'm...farewell, Jigglylou, I'm leaving.
Jigglylou: LEAVING? But why?
Inky: I don't belong here, Jigglylou. I'm off to some abandoned building where I belong.
Jigglylou: But...but you said you liked it here.
Inky: Well, I was wrong.
Jigglylou: *Groans* I should have known not to trust a cold hearted ghost like him!
Selena: I guess Inky saved us from telling Jigglylou...and him.
Inky: Goodbye...Jigglylou.
Blinky: Excuse me, but would you care for a piece of fruit.
Inky: Blinky! Pinky! Clyde!
Pinky: Been kicked out of the heroes I see.
Inky: Oh, please take me back, you guys! Being a hero is hard!
Blinky: OK, you're back with the ghosts.
Inky: Oh, thank you! Thank you so much, Blinky.
Pinky: As long as you betray your little friend and steal Emilie's magic blue topaz ring for us.
Inky: Jigglylou? I don't think I...
Blinky: Ghosts, non-ghost. Ghosts, non-ghost. Ghosts...
Inky: Your wish is my command, Blinky.
Blinky: *Laughs* Now here we are, back together.
Inky: Sorry, Jigglylou.
"Someone I can call a Friend"
Jigglylou: What did I do to make you leave me? Why does everybody have to leave me all alone? Now that everybody's gone, it's so hard to carry on. Is there someone I can truly call a friend? It's such a crime to be deserted all the time. It's been great for a while. Is there someone I can truly call a friend. (Turns) What do you want?
Inky: I'm not here.
Jigglylou: Huh?
Inky: Blinky, Pinky and Clyde are set out to destroy Emilie's grandfather's house.
Jigglylou: Why should I trust you? You're not one of us anymore.
Inky: Because if I didn't, Blinky would turn me into floating eyes.
Jigglylou: Thanks, Mr. Inky.
Inky: *Sniffle, sob* I'm such a spineless, no-good, lying, cheating friend.
End of song
Blinky: Good going, Inky, now we have to have the heroes distracted while you get the ring.
Next to Emilie's grandpa's house
Pac-Man: Got here as soon as we heard, Emilie.
Shammy: Yeah. What's shaking?
Emilie: If you go near that exploding 3DS, KABOOM!
Pac-Man: Who put it there?
Emilie: Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. Who else? We have to get it out of here.
Shammy: Good plan. How?
Emilie: We have to get rid of it.
Shammy: Now a good idea.
Emilie: You have to do it before my grandpa gets hurt.
Pac-Man: You are the hero in training, Shammy.
Shammy: And you gotta remind me.
Back at Emilie's house
Jigglylou: DON'T YOU DARE!
Inky: Jigglylou! I didn't expect to see you. (Sees Jigglylou's glare) No, Jigglylou, it's not what it looks like.
Jigglylou: It most certainly does! What it looks like is that you lied to me from the start! I let you stay and this is how you repay me? Let everyone out of the way so you can steal Emilie's ring?
Inky: No, Jigglylou, it's not like that. Ooh, what's keeping those three heroes?
Back at Emilie's grandpa's house
Shammy: (Throws the exploding 3DS) TAKE COVER!
Pac-Man: Huh? It's a dud.
Emilie: Just like that dud Inky. It smells like ghost business to me.
Suddenly, a scream was heard, coming from Emilie's house
Jigglylou: *Screams*
Inky: Good, but a little louder.
Jigglylou: *Continues to scream*
Inky: I better get away. Louder!
Jigglylou: *Continues to scream*
Inky: *Pant, pant, pant*
Inky: It was a trap. We were out numbered.
Pinky: It's just a hero in training!
Blinky: Well, we know how this ends.
Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde all jumped down to escape the traps.
That night
Selena: *Sigh* Inky set us up from the start.
Christopher: I hope it didn't hurt you too bad, Jigglylou.
Jigglylou: Nah, I'm alright, Christopher. Thanks. *Sigh*
The next day, Jigglylou was outside in the garden when she heard snapping
Jigglylou: Teddy! You're back! Where did you come from? And what's this note? "To Jigglylou, Thanks." T-H-A-N...X? Well who could...oh. He wasn't that bad after all, was he, Teddy. I'll take good care of you. And if you run off again, well that's OK. Because if you're gone, I'll remember the days with you. And that will make me happy.
Unbeknownst to Jigglylou, Inky was hiding behind a bush, crying in guilt for betraying his new friend
M and S Show Ep. 11: Inky's Lumps
An episode inspired by the DKC TV show episode, Klump's Lumps. I was originally going to have Shammy and her friends appear in the Christmas special this year, but I changed my mind.
Amy: So Tom said "Oh appearently very *beep* lucky" as the man's motorcycle tumbled down the hill.
Keesha: *Chuckles* I heard Tom Bergeron say the same stuff the person says on AFV before. It's so funny.
Paulina: Especially when the man thought he won ten grand on a lottery ticket and said "I can't *beep* believe it". And Tom says "you can't *beep* believe because it's not real". I love those pranks.
Marco: Me, too, dear. It's so silly I just can't believe people can even do that. Sometimes they would read out loud "this will be purchased at yo momma's house".
Lacy: If Tracy did it to me or our brother or cousins, we would be laughing hard.
Emilie: Hey, guys! Guess what? Pearl Jam is performing in Soleanna! And I got us tickets in a radio contest! We even get to ride with the band in their tour bus!
Amy, Keesha, Paulina, Marco and Lacy: REALLY!?
Emilie: Yeah. But there's also bad news, only me and one friend have to ride with the band.
Elise: Back off, you guys. Let Emilie choose.
Spyro: So what are you bringing to the tour bus ride?
Emilie: I don't know. Amy is fun, cute and silly. But Keesha is an Asian girl and my brother loves Asians so it would be cool for him to meet Keesha. But Paulina and Marco are fan characters for my favorite arcade games, Pac-Man. And I always loves Lacy's dance moves in a rock song. I don't know who to choose.
Cynder: Well, if they try to do anything to choose any of them, we'll stop each of those five teammates of ours.
Emilie: Thanks, guys.
The next day
Emilie: Ah, what a great day.
Amy: I made pancakes, waffles, bacon and scrambled eggs for you, Emilie.
Elise: Amy, Emilie won't choose you if you give her gestures.
Amy (disappointed): OK. You can keep the food, Emilie, I already had breakfast anyway.
Emilie: Um...thanks anyway, Amy. Man, she really wants to meet Eddie Vedder.
Elise: I know, it's crazy.
Later that day
Emilie: YES! BAM! Whoo, boy all that gameplay really got me thirsty. Maybe I'll get myself some soda.
Keesha: No need to, Emilie, I got you some.
Spyro: Stop, Keesha. No gesture will get you a ride with Pearl Jam. I'll be taking this, thank you very much. (Takes the soda can)
Keesha: *Sigh* Fine.
Emilie: Thanks, Spyro. I can't believe is so obsessed with meeting Mike McCready.
Spyro: I agree. If I were her, I would just wait for your choice. Besides the concert isn't until next week.
Emilie: Yeah. Maybe I'll make my choice then.
That evening after dinner
Emilie: *Hums "Sirens"*
Paulina and Marco: HI, EMILIE!
Emilie: AUGGGGGH! Don't scare me like that, you two.
Paulina: Hey, Emilie, I helped you on some of the sudoku you were stuck on.
Marco: No, mine is even better. I helped you on crossword puzzles you were stuck on.
Sparx: You guys, Emilie wasn't stuck on any of those puzzles. Now you owe her another crossword puzzle and sudoku book. Here. ( Hands money to Paulina and Marco money and the two walk away in disappointment)
Emilie: Thanks, Sparx. And it's true, I wasn't stuck. I love those puzzles.
Sparx: Yeah. Maybe when those two love birds get back, they'll leave you alone.
One week later
Emilie: I still can't think of anyone to go with me and the band will be here in half an hour..
Kazooie: Maybe you can explain what has happened lately to the band like Twilight Sparkle did for Princess Celestia in the MLP: FIM episode, the Ticket Master.
Sarah: Yeah. Maybe they'll think of what to do.
Emilie: Good idea, guys. This also like that episode of Full House where DJ got tickets to a Beach Boys concert and a chance to meet the band.
Elise: Yeah, and all the adults bribe DJ into taking one of them with her. Even you don't take bribes.
Emilie: Indeed. Bribes are never my thing.
*Ding dong*
Amy, Keesha, Paulina, Marco and Lacy: THEY'RE HERE! TAKE ME, EMILIE!
Selena: Halt, you guys. Emilie has a better idea.
Christopher: Yeah, now shush!
Emilie opened the door, revealing a brown and grey echidna, a black armadillo, a brown hedgehog and fox and a yellow tiger.
Emilie: Um...hi, guys.
Brown and grey echidna: I'm Eddie Vedder. This is Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Jeff Ament and Matt Cameron. Are you Emilie?
Emilie: Y-yes. But these friends of mine bribed me into making me take one of them to your bus. But I haven't made my choice.
Eddie: Why didn't you say so? I have a better idea.
Jeff: How would you all like to sing with us at the concert?
Everyone: YES!
Stone: Then let's go to the concert.
At Soleanna Stadium
Eddie: Hey, Soleanna!
Crowd: *Cheers*
Eddie: Meet our guest members, Emilie Vance the Hedgehog and her friends!
Crowd: *Cheers as Emilie and her friends wave*
Eddie: This next song will be "Let the Records Play".
As everyone sang, Amy, Keesha, Paulina, Marco and Lacy came to Emilie
Amy: Your idea was great!
Paulina: If it hadn't been for you explaining everything, this wouldn't have happened.
Emilie: I know, and I'm so happy I got to meet Eddie Vedder! I had a crush on him for years!
Keesha: Yeah, always seem to think of him sometimes. But it's OK to have a crush on a celebrity.
Emilie: Yeah, my mom once had a crush on Harrison Ford. Oh, here we go.
M and S Show Ep. 10: The Concert
The part of adding "beep" is blocking bad words.
Attention followers, there is a big sicko on the loose. He plans to look at your art and then do a hentai version. Want hentai in your characters? If not, spread the word.
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Emilie Michaela Vance
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I was born in Auburn, Washington and am part Irish part English. My family and I both love the rock band, Pearl Jam. I'm also the creative one in my family but also my brother who loves to create poems.
My fave singers include Eddie Vedder, Amy Lee, Johnny Gioelli (of Crush 40), Victoria Justice and Lacey Sturm.
Fave actors include Eric Roberts, Hugh Laurie, Jim Parsons, Roger Craig Smith, Leon Thomas III, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Jim Cummings, Tom Kenny, and Jason Griffith.
Fave actresses include Kate Higgins, Victoria Justice, Liz Gillies, Amy Palant, Lacey Chabert, Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, and Ciara Bravo.
Loves: Music, acting, video games, family, dancing, making friends, TV shows, comedy, singing, swimming, time by myself, art, reading and shopping.
Hates: Threats on my art, people hating something I like (except friends of course), failing classes, getting grounded, raw onions (unless sweet), someone telling me I can't do it in a rude way, my brother ranting and yelling, and gross bugs like spiders (not afraid of them).
Fave TV Shows: SpongeBob Squarepants, Victorious, Entourage, Sonic X, The Big Bang Theory, Danny Phantom, That 70s Show, Family Guy, Super Mario World (have a DVD of the whole series), CatDog and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Fave kinds of music: Rock like hard and classic and soundtrack
Fave bands: System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Evanescence, Crush 40 and Flyleaf.
Fave songs: "Suite Pee", (System of a Down) "Black", (Pearl Jam) "My Immortal" (Evanescence) "His World" (Crush 40) and "I'm So Sick" (Flyleaf)
Fave movies: Pearl Jam 20, Into the Wild, Super Mario Bros. (a tiny bit), Titanic, The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, The Land Before Time 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12.
Fave quote: "Didn't have to ask you just took my hand. Off we went skipping throughout the land. The sky was blue and the blood filed my head. You and me skipping throughout the land." Eddie Vedder song: "Skipping"
Fave games: Sonic 06 (dodges knife from hater), Sonic Unleashed, all Mario and Sonic games, all Mario Party games (except DS), Super Mario 64, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic and the Black Knight, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, the entire Sonic Riders series and Sonic Generations
Do I take requests?: Yes I do
Couples I support: JackXSally, LockXShock, SonicXElise, SonicXAmy, SonicXBlaze, ShadowXRouge, ShadowXMaria, KnucklesXRouge, KnucklesXTikal, SilverXBlaze, TailsXCosmo, TailsXCream
Couples I DON'T support: Gay Couples (Even though I believe in gay rights)

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